Animal Magic: Some Fun For Your Home and Garden

Inject some fun into your home and jazz it up with our unique decorative faux taxidermy animal heads, animal themed soft furnishings and quirky accessories.


Grumpy Gorilla – Great for ‘Selfies’


Life Size Lamb Statue

Want to turn heads in your road? Make an amusing statement with this adorable life size standing lamb statue. Feature it in your front lawn as an instant talking point for every guest and a funny feature that will have passers by double taking. You’ll quickly have your house coined ‘the one with the sheep out the front’.


Fancy putting it in your back garden? This little lamb is sturdy enough to be used as a second seat or stool as it’s hand cast in a hardwearing resin and finished in weatherproof paint.


Own a butchers or farm shop? This guy can make a cool feature to help you remain in customer’s minds.


Realistic Large Gorilla Garden Ornament

How would your friends and family react if the next time they came to visit they were confronted with King Kong? Find out by getting your hands on this handsome specimen!


This replica gorilla ornament can be featured in the garden or the home, depending on how much of a fright you want to give your friends! It’s a great visual item, hand painted to make an eye catching and quality feature piece.


Our commercial customers have also had lots of fun putting our grumpy gorilla in their shop and bar windows. He has a unique ability to attract the punters with his life like look and perfect ‘selfie’ opportunity.


Fuscia Pink Ox Head Wall Hanging

Want to go really crazy? This neon pink faux ox head is the one! Brighten up any room with this wild wall hanging and have visitors wondering whether there’s been a radioactive disaster they’ve somehow missed.


This quirky accessory isn’t all about shock value, it’s actually a chic and artistic way to add a real splash of colour to a dull room or brighten up a second bedroom. Although on second thought it might glow in the dark, waking up to this beast staring at you wouldn’t be much fun – perhaps a bedroom isn’t the best idea after all!


Decorative Bull and Horses Heads

It’s not all about injecting some colour and crazy into your life, you can also bring plenty of style and sophistication to your home with our decorative chrome and silver animal heads.


Choose from an extra large bull head as an imposing centre piece for hanging in a hallway, study or lounge. Opt for an elegant chrome horse head statue as an understated yet stunning decorative addition to a sideboard. Or pick one of our favourites, the superb artistic horse head statue that has been hand cast in resin and features a silver high gloss finish.


It’s been created to reflect both the strength and beauty of the animal and looks fantastic on a grand desk or our aero silver chest. It would also make a lovely gift for an equestrian.


Now that you’re full of ideas, how will you create some animal magic in your home? View all our items in our animal collection here.


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