3 Must Have Items for Wedding Planners

There’s really no escaping the weddings during the summer months! If it’s not some super-celeb couple tying the knot in secret (we’re looking at you Cheryl…) it’s your Facebook feed littered with wedding photos what seems to be like every other weekend from late May to mid September.


When the wedding season rolls round we see an upsurge in demand for certain items here at Vintage Vibe as couples, organisers and wedding planners seek the best ingredients for creating their perfect day. And it’s not surprising there’s an increase in sales when the reported average budget for a UK wedding has reached the £18,000 mark! Phew!


Now, while the last thing any newly weds want to do is look back on their photos and see a wedding that looks identical to everyone else’s from 2014, there are 3 items we believe should be in any reputable wedding planners arsenal.


Item 1: Large Vintage Easels

wedding easel 1

The large ornate easel is a classic wedding accessory. Just like the perfect dress; they are elegant, slender and attractive. And they are also incredibly useful. There’s a variety of ways they can be used at weddings, one of the most popular options is as a seating chart. Position the easel at the entrance or reception of a venue and place your seating plan onto it – it’s a pretty and practical way of giving your guests an easy way to find their seats.


Don’t need to guide your wedding guests to their seats? You can still use the easel…why not feature a memorable photo or painting of the happy couple. Designed to be noticed by your guests it’s a good opportunity to add a personal touch to a wedding venue with a nostalgic or humorous memory.


Price £72


Item 2: Decorative Cherub Wings

wedding wings

Does anything say romance better than cherub wings? They might not be for everyone but if you’re planning that type of wedding – you know the ones – it wouldn’t be right without a pair.


Life size and finished in a soft antique gold paint effect these wings are extremely beautiful and can be used to decorate any wedding venue, turning any space into a romantic wonderland. We’re particularly fond of seeing them hanging from gazebo awnings at beach and lawn weddings.


Looking for a unique wedding gift? Cherub wings aren’t just good for the big day; bring them home to use as wall hangings that will forever remind the newlyweds of their happy day.


Price: £34


Item 3: Small Display Easels

wedding table top easel

The smaller cousin to the large ornate easel, these display easels are similarly decorative finished in luxurious antique effect gold and are equally practical. These functional little things are perfect for hosting a wedding guest book, photo album or displaying a menu.


Price: £16


So, there you have it, our three must have items for your big day. And coming in at a total cost that’s less than 1% of an average wedding budget we think they’re pretty good value too!


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