Are You Choosing Cherubs or Angels?

Cherub and angel decorations are extremely popular in home decor currently. You’ll find them fitting nicely into a variety of styles. Maybe you have some angel wings hanging in your home at the moment?


But hang on a second…are those angel wings, or could they be cherub wings? Not many people know the difference so we’ve gone on a mission to find out the truth: are angels and cherubs the same?


Read on to find out…


The Difference Between Angels and Cherubs


Many people mistakenly believe that angels and cherubs are one and the same. However, this is not the case. It appears that within the same books in the Bible both beings are referred to as having their own specific purpose.


Angles are spirits, just as you and I are spirits. They have either not yet received a body or have already passed onto the next life.


But perhaps most fascinatingly (and relevant if you want to know whether your home is decorated with angels or cherubs): contrary to popular belief, angels do not have wings!


It makes sense when you consider that in theory angels were, or eventually become, men. This might be slightly difficult if they had large feathery wings protruding from their shoulder blades…


This leads us to cherubs. Cherubim (to use their official plural term) will often have one or more sets of wings. They were sculpted on the arc of the covenant, appear in the book of revelation and were placed to guard the tree of life in the Garden of Eden.


So now you know how to distinguish between the two, which do you have – or want – to decorate your home with. And perhaps more importantly, does it matter which is which when they both look great?


Examples of Cherub and Angel Products


We conclude our experiment by looking at three items from our collection and seeing whether we have correctly identified them.


Antique Gold Cherub or Angel Heart Mirror


Ok so we’ve kind of taken the easy way out here and listed this lovely dressing table mirror as featuring cherubs or angels. But we now know since the three little guys that are carved into the gold frame of this mirror have wings that they are in fact cherubs and not angels at all!


-1 point for us.


Large Antique White Cherub Row


Score! We correctly described this delightful shelf or mantelpiece decoration as being a row of cherubs. There’s no mention of angels here so we are giving ourselves a +1.


Current score: 0…


Silver Angel Cherub Wings


Oh no, back to the ambiguity again! These life size silver wings might be a lovely romantic wall hanging for your home but they certainly don’t belong to an angel.


That’s a miserable -1 for the team at Vintage Vibe.


But you know what, we don’t really mind and we’re sure you don’t either. Because ultimately we’re interested in making our homes look beautiful and whether that’s with winged cherubs or wingless angels (or a weird combination of the two) we don’t really care!


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