Save Money – ‘Christmas shopping in September’ ideas for families and businesses…

Christmas styleshot more snow photo by Emily Dews

By Liz White.

The Supermarkets are already selling Christmas goods, Gastro pubs are publicising their Christmas menus and even Hair and Beauty Salons have their Christmas packages online – why all the fuss about Christmas in September? It’s all about spreading the cost of the ‘Christmas Season’ and it’s a trend that could save you money!

September planning helps spread the cost of Christmas, avoids relying on pricey postal services for last minute deliveries or buying above your means because the affordable quality gifts are gone! According to the press, ‘One in 10 families began planning for the festive season in September to help spread the financial burden’*. Spreading costs is a must with most people – families and businesses alike – so ‘Christmas in September’ is the perfect time to start Christmas shopping!

Creating your very own magical family Christmas is something special. For a tradition that will stand the test of time, a Vintage Vibe is definitely needed!  Some of the best presents and decorations are pieces of furniture or décor that don’t shout ‘Christmas’ but do shout ‘gorgeous!’ Think Vintage, iconic, yours.

White furniture is a trend that never ends.  Christmas is the perfect time of year to buy white furniture – a beautiful dressing table for your daughter or new bedside tables as a gift to you – both Christmas treats.  Add to that a sparkling mirror for the dining room and the spirit of Christmas will be overflowing in your house.

As well as planning your family Christmas, get the most from your work team! Investing in your workforce means investing in your business so here are four ideas of how to bring the Christmas spirit into your workplace from offices to salons!

The Lavish Ladies Loo!

Surprise your female staff by buying a beautiful silver dressing table for the ladies bathroom. Fit it out with festive costume jewellery gifts, bottles of perfume and give yourself a pat on the back for being a thoughtful and quirky employer!

3 cuckoo clocks santa hats photo by Emily Dews

For the Office Clock Watchers…

Replace those hard plastic non-descriptive work wall clocks with gorgeous, fun Cuckoo clocks perfect for Christmas!

Glittering Lunch Breaks

Silver Louis style armchairs in the reception, communal areas or hair salons are perfect all year round, but a extra special touch for Christmas to treat your team to a comfy lunch break.

For your Customers…

Wow your business clients with a warm welcome.  A full-length silver aluminium coat rail/stand provides clients with a place worthy of their winter coats.  No clogged pegs or squashed hangers – it looks good and it’s perfect to adorn with a length of tinsel!

*Source: The Telegraph 2012

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