Is your Salon décor up to scratch? Salon Statistics – Beautify your Brand!


Antique Style mirror bought by Taylor Taylor from

By Liz White.

Salons make us look and feel beautiful – so salons need to look and feel beautiful too! A poll carried out by* found women spend 20 hours per year, on average, in the hairdresser’s chair – wow! That is nearly a whole day looking at your salon décor! Is it up to scratch?

The same poll found women spend approximately £600 at the hairdressers per annum, so how can you ensure that potential £600 stays in your salon? There are 28,556 hairdressing and beauty businesses in the UK [] so you need to have an edge on the competition!

The website of London hairdressers ‘Taylor Taylor’ shares their vision for each of their award winning salons: “Each salon has its own personal signature, created by blending the very best vintage pieces from many architectural eras, into one award-winning whole.  Relaxed yet glamorous, it should feel as though you have found your very own exclusive members’ club”

It’s time to spruce up your salon!  Think Vintage. Iconic. Yours! What are your competitor’s doing and what are the leaders in the market doing? ‘Taylor Taylor’ have recently purchased some gorgeous vintage mirrors including the ‘Cane Mirror’, ‘Berkley Mirror’ and the ‘Shirley Mirror’ (for links to these mirrors see below) – all affordable quality. Bella & Beau, the trendy London children’s hairdressers co-owned by Liberty X’s Jessica Taylor, also liked the vintage look buying a blackened silver table, Louis chairs and a Venetian full length mirror for their salon, (for links to these items see below) so what can you find that will keep your customers coming back for more and entice new customers in?

Paola Hinton, owner of Five Senses Spa and Salon in Illinois (one of the top 200 salons in North America) said on “Major renovations are great indicators of growth and commitment, and can provide success when done correctly. Larger projects show commitment to the guests, staff and the community” so reinventing the look of your salon shows customers you are investing in them.

If you are not planning a new salon or refurbishment, add new personal touches to your décor with your customers in mind – beautiful lighting or maybe Louis style salon chairs that drip stylishness and comfort for customers.  Start redesigning your salon to wow your clientele all over again.

If you are thinking “Can I afford it?” the answer is “Yes!” customers don’t like parting with their money in exchange for a shabby environment.  Keep everything fresh and remember everyone relates to a business that has a hope, a dream and an idea!

Taylor Taylor Cane Mirror–mirror—cane-4124-p.asp

Taylor Taylor Berkley mirror—berkley-301-p.asp

Taylor Taylor Shirley Mirror—shirley-300-p.asp

Bella & Beau Blackened silver table–stool—billie-due-mid-oct-161-p.asp

Bella & Beau Louis chairs–fabric-louis-style-salon-reception-chairs-661-p.asp

Bella & Beau Venetian full length mirror—lottie-9238-p.asp

For more inspiration see   *Taken from


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