New Season – Your Chance to Embrace Change!

Cream chair, landscape picture, gold crackle lamp and white coffee table autumnBy Liz White

Move over summer it’s time for a change! Embrace change and give your business a new least of life.  Autumn is the prelude to Christmas and there are a lot of costs, so the idea of investing in your bedroom furniture is probably way down on the list – but it shouldn’t be! Wake up on Christmas morning in your new bedroom as a Christmas gift to yourself.

If you run your own hotel or B&B this idea is even more important.  If you want to maximize the winter and Christmas market then take note, because revamping your rooms is just what guests want.

It looks like the hotelier market is set to change a great deal over the next decade and according to a recent global hotel survey, by the year 2020 a whopping 92% of people believe that ‘hotel guests will expect their stay to be personalized around a set of choices they make at the time of booking or prior to arrival’. (

So, if customers want that personalised, special feel to their stay, why not lead the way and make your Christmas guests feel even more special this year?

I suggest updating the furniture, or buying just one special piece for the bedrooms,  Have a beautiful new wardrobe (complete with bowed ribbon for your guests to cut and open), a gorgeous dressing table laden with small presents to unwrap, or why not invest in a new bed headboard to give the room a completely new look? It really makes a huge difference.

If you don’t want to revamp the bedrooms, introduce at a gorgeous piece of furniture in your reception.  Choose something that says ‘deservedly decadent’ for when people check in – a vintage mirror complete with Christmas sparkle for example!

Take a look at your hotel or B&B rooms with fresh eyes.  The furniture needs to be practical of course, but it also needs to create an atmosphere.  This festive season will your business shout ‘Special Christmas’ or simply just ‘Christmas’?  Are you trotting out the same decorations year on year? If so, repeat custom may not come your way.  This Christmas think of your hotel like a shop window on Oxford Street with their fabulous Christmas designs – none of the shops repeat the same window dressing as last year, why? Because they want to entice people in! Why not do the same?

Who wouldn’t want to stay in a brand new bedroom this Christmas? Help your guests relax in the knowledge that your hotel cared enough to make their Christmas visit memorable.  The good news is it doesn’t need to cost a fortune! Upgrade with vintage furniture and bring some tradition to your Christmas.

Here are my suggestions for a brilliant upgrade that is an investment for your business.


Dressing Table:—charlotte-146-p.asp

Chaise Lounge:–white-leaf-fabric-chaise-lounge–day-bed—lisa-8090-p.asp



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