The Perfect Halloween House…

Harry potter halloweenBy Liz White.

It’s the one time of year that cobwebs in the home are actively encouraged but should you want to add a touch of lavishness to your Halloween decorations, let your imagination run wild.  What springs to mind at Halloween?  Ghosts, spectres and ghouls running amuck? That’s all a little tired isn’t it?

Here is my breakdown of how you can have a wicked Halloween house:-

Start off setting the scene with a ‘Harry Potter welcome’.  Prop a 9 ¾ platform sign at your front door and the door opens, let things become a little more sinister with a blood smeared Gothic mirror hanging in the hallway reflecting a gory horror movie from a hidden ipad (this will raise the hairs on the neck of your guests as the front door closes behind them with a bang!). Bring your guests through to your dark kitchen where a large, spot lit, silver punch bowl overflows with dry ice and spiders.  It contains a green cocktail (frog skin soup) from which you can serve your guests.

Add a sparkling skull to your work surface with a blood stained bread knife placed next to it and rig up a spooky horror sound track as background music and your guests will feel fully freaked out – create ‘blood spatters’ on the walls with ketchup and your Halloween party will be off to the best start possible!

According to a survey carried out last year, some 42% of Britons think ghosts, phantoms and other supernatural apparitions really exist ( Our homes should be a safe haven, but if your wardrobe creaks creepily, your mirrors have cracked ominously or your lighting is flickering frighteningly it is time to take things into your own hands.

A ghost could be to blame, but it’s probably more likely that your furniture, mirrors and lighting simply need an upgrade.  Maybe you are haunted by the hand-me-down furniture you own, or the broken pieces you have been meaning to replace or maybe you have had a change in life but not a chance in your surroundings.  All are signs for change and making the most of your house doesn’t need to be extortionately expensive.  Think ‘vintage, iconic, yours!’

You don’t have to put up with frightening furniture!  

Visit for more ideas.


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