Grand Designs for a Grand Christmas

By Liz White.GrandDesignsSept2014

‘Grand Designs’ is a Channel 4 programme which charts the rise (and sometimes fall) of a home building project culminating in a visit to the finished house – in most cases, looking ravishingly good.  I find the programmes a little depressing if I am honest, as I am never going to live in one of these perfect ‘show homes’, however, the success of design is in the detail so the next time you are watching any house design programme, instead of focusing on the space and light the architect has added to the build or the symmetry of the staircase, take a good look at the way the house has been dressed.

We have all watched home design programmes wishing we could have a home designed by professionals but if you break these programmes down, you will see that it is perfectly attainable to have gorgeous design for your home without the hefty costs!

Furniture breaths life and sole into a house and the success of a room design can be altered by simply adding or taking away an element of home furnishing. The image above is taken from ‘Grand Designs’ and one of the reasons why the above room looks so stylish, is because of the stunning copper dining chairs that have been included.  They provide something different, are a little decadent and a fantastic investment – affordable quality.

It is by picking out these details that you can have a ‘Grand Design’ home of your very own – and in time for Christmas!

Copper is a brilliant craze at the moment and brings warmth into a room’s design so embrace it – especially at this autumnal time of year when rusty reds, bronzes and copper colours cry out to be used.  To ensure your home looks it best keep in mind that the lighting is so important to create atmosphere and transforms the look of your room.

If you are looking for lighting in the dining room, why not go all out and include one of these modern copper cluster ball chandeliers to impress your guests with as you carve the turkey!  For design that is a little more understated, a vintage look is always reliable so a chrome angle poise lamp could be your best option.  They are popular because of their flexible lighting options and their classic style. Their angular design is perfect for the study and the polished chrome brings a touch of perfection to the room.

Copper and chrome is a design match made in heaven, so be creative and bring these classic styles into your home where you can.  Have a copper and chrome ‘Grand Design’ Christmas and love your home again.


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