A Click & Collect Christmas where the Customer is King


By Liz White

“People are always going to go shopping.  A lot of effort is just: how do we make the retail experience a great one?” Philip Green

‘Click and Collect’ is a real buzz trend at the moment and gives the buyer more control and the retailer a wider clientele. If you thought it was only the big boys of retail that offer this, then you are wrong. A great example of this is Vintage Vibe itself!  Did you know Vintage Vibe have a click and collect service?

Not only that, they go one step further to offer great customer service – you can arrange to come down to their warehouse and see where the action happens.  They are an open business who encourage people to collect if that is easier for them and if they want to see the product before they buy it.  To add to this, Vintage Vibe also offers items that can be personalised.

The saying ‘Customer is King’ is over used but it has never been more apt than in today’s fast flowing retail market.  The retail sector is worth over £300 billion [www.gov.uk] and growing – but not in the traditional way.  The High Street struggles while internet shopping grows and the control is being taken back by the consumer who wants personalised products with a fast, efficient service.

A great example to show this is from Nike: “70% of Nike’s e-commerce business is from orders for customized products.” (Ed Schmults, CEO of technical sports apparel retailer Wild Things) and it tells us that the crown on the customer’s head has just got bigger – and rightly so. If the customer is spending their money they want a product that is perfect.

That is something we can all agree with; Vintage Vibe wants you to have the perfect experience too and their click and collect service is just one way that they are ensuring that the Customer is indeed the King.

To pre-arrange a mutually convenient day and time to click and collect, Call 01622 62902 or e- mail  sales@vintagevibe.co.uk

“Once you create a loyal Customer base, it’s tough for a competitor to take that away” Joe Mansueto


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