The best customer service at the click of a button

happy-customersBy Liz White.

There is no excuse for bad customer service so this Christmas don’t put up with it anymore! Tori Spelling is quoted as saying: “bad shopping habits die hard” and it’s true!  Turn a new leaf this Christmas and give your money to the businesses that deserve it!

Buying online can be a tricky because of the anonymity of the process.  A few clicks of the mouse and the shopping is done.  For the best online customer service to go with the efficiency the internet offers, my advice would be to buy from smaller online shops that still want customer relationships.

“Fantastic customer relations……would recommend highly.”  Mrs. Joyce, Norwich (Vintage Vibe)

Vintage Vibe sells home accessories and gifts at great prices.  Customers such as Kensington Palace, Pinewood Studios, Dame Kelly Holmes, the ITV Awards, Meg Matthews, Rigby and Peller and Liberty’s (to name a few) have used them and with a customer list like that you can tell Vintage Vibe are more than just another online shop!

Customer service is at the heart of what they do which is why the website has a range of buying guides to offer their expertise in selecting products, a trade buying guide, click and collect service and even encourages you to visit them to take a look at their stock – they are an online shop which open’s it’s warehouse to the public.  You don’t get that service very often!

“The chair arrived yesterday as promised.  It is beautiful.  Love it.  Just wanted to say a big thank-you for the speedy service.”  Cheryl  Jones, Warrington. (Vintage Vibe)

Being a business that is chosen by famous names is great, but Vintage Vibe wants to delight every customer – hopefully that includes you! So whether you are looking for a Christmas sleigh, gorgeous Christmas table candelabras, the perfect children’s dressing table or simply something to bring some Christmas magic into your décor take a look at Vintage Vibe  their customers have spoken and it’s all good!

Vintage Vibe’s last dispatch for Christmas delivery for smaller items is 22nd December, for larger items it’s 8th December but if you have left things to the last minute give the team a call on Tel: 01622 629029 and they will try their best for you – as they always do; but don’t take my word for it – check out their customer feedback

“I only ordered this item on the 7th and it arrived on the 9th! Fantastic customer service. The quality is superb, and quite a weight too which will help prevent it being knocked over at functions. 110% satisfied, very happy customer, and will definitely be using your site again.”

Linda Fleetham, Stockton on Tees  (Vintage Vibe)


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