How to have the PERFECT Christmas Party!

a-large-red-distressed-metal-decorative-christmas-sleigh-9712-p[ekm]300x200[ekm]By Liz White.

Be unique, be chic and set the trend for this year’s Christmas party – this year you are the host to beat!

You’ve bought the mulled wine and beer, made the mince pies, sorted the music selection and got a roaring log fire ready to go.  The tree is down from the loft, the candles are out, guests invited and the wreath is on the door – what more does a Christmas party need to be memorable?  I’ve got a list to make it the best party this year

1. Lavish, lavish, lavish!

It is the time of year where everyone digs out their best china and crystal glasses for mince pies and mulled wine and you want your Christmas party table to look ravishing.  Buying gorgeous home accessories are an investment and make a fantastic impression so buy a stunning cake stand to show off your Christmas cake, keep the white wine cool in spectacular style with a wine bucket and serve the mulled wine from a splendid punch bowl.  All these magical, finishing touches make the party special.

2. Banish the Christmas tinsel!

Tinsel can be an eyesore! It’s cheap, shreds on the carpet and is a fire hazard on the Christmas tree but somehow it is still loved.  If you want to bring a little bit of chic boutique to your Christmas party then look for some understated but beautiful Christmas decorations.  Mini silver or glass Christmas trees to pepper your mantelpiece, cherub wing ornaments or fun Christmas signs on the doors are all great ways to decorate in a more subtle way!

3. Be memorable!

Christmas parties can all be similar – stand out from the rest and have a centre piece at your party that really wow’s the guests.  A lot of people have Father Christmas popping up with gifts but that is pretty standard – the best thing about Santa is his sleigh. If you can find a Christmas sleigh to buy snap it up and make a feature of it.  Wrap up boxes in beautiful Christmas paper and have a sleigh laden full of presents, serve wine from it, balance mince pies on it – anything to show this centre piece off!

4. All parties end up in the kitchen…

There is always a ‘kitchen posse’ at a party whether it’s an office do or at home a large gaggle of guests always end up in the kitchen – it’s usually where the drinks are after all!

It’s a hard place to decorate for Christmas because of the functionality of the room but make the effort!  There are great props to use such as rustic wine boxes you can fill with holly, ivy and all things Christmas and make sure you signpost the way to the free beer! Beer on Tap signs are bound to raise a smile.

Make your party the one that is remembered for the right reasons! For more inspiration log onto


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