Christmas Elves thrive on the buzz of Black Friday…

Christmas Elves

Christmas Elves working for you

It’s true – Black Friday or not Christmas Elves take it all in their stride and we have news for you, Christmas Elves don’t just live in the North Pole… the elves pictured above were found in Tonbridge, Kent, working away to tick off everything on a very long Christmas list.  They are different to your average Christmas Elf because they don’t work for Father Christmas, instead they work for you!

This is ‘Team Christmas’ (Kim, Wendy and Lisa) from Vintage Vibe and this season they give you the key ingredient for a magical Christmas – taking the stress out of your Christmas shopping.

So, for a change, let these Christmas Elves look after you! That is their speciality! The business is built on fantastic customer service and organising, suggesting, helping, packing, delivering and making things happen is what they do best.

There are amazing gifts to spark the imagination and home décor to turn your house into your home.  Look at the perfect Christmas table decorations, ornaments with Christmas flair, gifts too big to wrap or small enough to fit in your pocket – the site has a great variety!

Their website offers you buying guides to make the perfect selection from their stock, the chance to ‘click and collect’ from the Vintage Vibe warehouse and gives you direct communication with the team so you can pick up the phone and get some advice whenever you need it.

Vintage Vibe has rebelled against the stereotype of impersonal online shopping and has put a little luxury back into your shopping experience so, grab yourself a cup of tea or pour yourself a tipple and indulge in a mince pie as you sit back, laptop at the ready and browse their site

Experience Christmas shopping the easy way, knowing when you buy from the site you will be supporting an independent, family run company that are the best at what they do.  The only thing they can’t help you with is where to hide the Christmas goodies until the big day! Take a look – what have you got to lose other than the stress of Christmas shopping?

Christmas treats for you from Vintage Vibe:

10% discount off the purchase of mirrors using CODE ‘MIRROR10‘ and a competition giveaway on their facebook page


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