The ‘Wow’ Factor of First Impressions – Count Down to Christmas 3

antiqued-venetian-glass-gold-console-table-4851-p[ekm]300x300[ekBy Liz White

‘Wow’ is what you want your guests to think as they step over the threshold of your home this Christmas.  Greetings and hugs aside, when guests arrive you want them to feel welcome in their surroundings so make sure you are not shuffling around in the hall with nowhere to put dripping coats and tripping over soggy shoes.

Have somewhere for your guests to sit down and take off their shoes.  A narrow bench to save space is a good idea (especially if it has shoe storage underneath) and wall mounted coat hooks are a must (unless you have space for a gorgeous free standing coat stand!)

Space saving furniture is designed for an area such as the hall so if receiving guests is a bit of a squeeze buy a slimline side table and thin console table – which is fabulous for receiving all those bottles of bubbly your Christmas guests will no doubt bring round! Make the first impressions for your home be remembered for the right reasons.

Visit Vintage Vibe for their whole range and order by 8th December to ensure you don’t miss out on delivery before Christmas!


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