Create a Christmas Treasure Chest! Countdown to Christmas 6

set-of-thr(1)By Liz White.

Are you a hotelier looking for an edge on your competitors this Christmas? I have a simple solution to make you stand out and get your guests coming back for more next year – provide your guests with the storage they need at Christmas! If you ensure your guests have somewhere smart to ‘hide’ their Santa stockings before Christmas morning and stash their presents afterwards, you will make Santa look like an amateur at people pleasing! Having gorgeous, vintage, gold travel chest trunks in your guests bedrooms will bring a smile to their faces and provide a little luxury that goes a long way.

Travel trunks are really versatile, strong and aesthetically handsome so why not use them this Christmas and create the perfect ‘treasure chest’! Pile your families presents high in the travel trunk and make it look like the most irresistible treasure chest your family has ever seen!

Be creative and you will be amazed at how memorable these thoughtful ideas can be!

Visit Vintage Vibe for more inspiration and be sure to purchase this weekend to ensure delivery before Christmas for larger items!


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