Five ideas to bring fun to Christmas Day

large-white-distressed-standing-stag-ornament-9942-p[ekm]300x291[ekm]By Liz White.

The countdown to Christmas continues! What have you planned for fun on Christmas day? A board game? DVD? That’s all a bit old hat.  Here are some lighthearted ideas to inject some laughter into your Christmas day…

1. Pin the tail on the…Stag (or reindeer if you prefer!) It’s a Christmas version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  Great game for the children – or for the adults after a few tipples!

2. On arrival make a winter cocktail for your guests.  Shake it up using a silver plated cocktail set and it is sure to be entertaining as your guests watch the ice fly!

3. Instead of relying on cracker jokes for amusement ask each guest to come prepared with two funny stories – one true and one false and see if anyone can bluff their way to winning a fun flying pig ornament – better than the usual cracker present!

4. Have a gorgeous crown as the centre piece to your Christmas table and crown your ‘Queen of the Christmas Lunch’ – an impromptu speech may even be better than the real Queen’s speech!

5. Decorate your home with signs to make your family laugh!

Bring out your fun side this Christmas! For more inspiration visit Vintage Vibe.


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