5 Original Presents for the Woman who has Everything!

pair-of-one-off-designer-original-hand-made-metal-standing-guinea-fowl-9216-p[ekm]300x325[ekm]By Liz White.

Wracking your brain for present inspiration can be really hard – and quite often only results in buying gloves, scarves and a bottle of Baileys for your loved one. You know you can do better! Here are five original and gorgeous  gifts for the women in your life – friends, family or partners.

1. A pair of Guinea Fowl! You have heard of the ‘Partridge in the Pear Tree’, well this is the guinea fowl in the back garden! Metal designer artwork for the garden is a brilliant, original idea. £140 for the pair.

2. Lanterns – Wrap this up with a gorgeous, hand made large church candle and you are sure to be delivering a winning present. £62.

3. Fortune Telling Cups –  an opportunity to buy a great looking present and something a little quirky for the woman who has everything! £55.

4. Vintage Trug – for your green fingered friends this is a gorgeous gift.  Perfect for collecting flowers or veg from the garden. For £20 this is a must buy!

5. Decorative Buddha head – promote zen calm in your household and create a spa feel in your bathroom.  It’s a gift that brings a little peace to the home and gives her an oasis of calm. For £30 it’s a great decorative piece.


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