Double the amount of Light and Space in your Room.

tall-regal-gold-ornate-mirror-finchley-8344-p[ekm]300x358[ekm]By Liz White.

Looking for more light and space in your room? You could spend thousands on an extension or putting in sky lights but a quick, easy fix solution is to invest in a really fantastic, large mirror. It’s an old trick of the trade and it really works!  Hotels, boutiques, salons, spas you name it if you hang a large mirror in the reception a clients perception of your space will double in size.

At Vintage Vibe Lisa, Wendy and Kim have a background in interior design and can advise you on the best purchase for your business from their available stock – which is an extensive range that they know inside out!  Not only that, they use a specialist delivery company who ensure the arrival of your large mirror is smooth, giving you the choice of which room it is delivered to and the chance to check over the delivery before you sign for it.

For a few examples of the types of mirrors Vintage Vibe stock take a look at their large ornate mirror which is fantastic for any reception area, their large rectangular mirrors work well in hair salons and their full length cheval mirror is perfect for hotel rooms.

It is a quick way to enhance your surroundings, change the look of your layout and create a spectacular centre piece and talking point.  At the hairdressers, boutiques and hotels it is important to provide customers with large mirrors (no one wants to be dressing in their hotel room for an evening out and relying on the steamed up bathroom mirror!) so see it as an investment in your customers.

Five good reasons to invest in a large mirror:

1. They reflect light and create a lighter, brighter room (handy for rooms such as salon hair washing areas)

2. Buying a large mirror shows you care about the surroundings you provide for your customers.

3. Mirrors help enhance small areas to give the illusion of space (handy for smaller hotel rooms)

4. Practicalities – mirrors are used endlessly and if you took it away it would be missed!

5. Decor – you make an aesthetic statement by buying a large mirror.  It draws peoples attention and people appreciate good design.

If you have a limited budget for decor and design for the New Year use it wisely and invest in a large mirror from Vintage Vibe and if you are quick you can bag a bargain with their large Venetian fan shaped mirror which is in the sale!


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