How to give your beauty business a head start

Guest Post by: The Beauty Experts Academy

You’re probably a fan of Vintage Vibe, like us, for their gorgeous furniture and accessories. Who can blame you… they can really bring a room to life!

If you’re one of the many beauty business owners that has purchased some of the beautiful statement pieces from the site for your salon, then you’ll also know how important it is to get the right décor in place; first impressions can make the difference between a potential customer walking in, or straight past your shop front.

Luckily, Vintage Vibe has made those décor purchasing decisions easy. But not all decisions are so easy to make.

Opening a salon or spa is one of the biggest steps you will have taken in your career and we all know how exciting it is to have your own business and build your own clientele. But it’s not easy getting a business off the ground. You’re trying to juggle ten things at once and make them all work; there’s accounting, staff, managing bills, getting new customers on board, keeping one step ahead of the salon down the road – all at the same time as wanting to look after clients.

You can quickly fall out of love with what you’re doing, and it doesn’t feel like fun anymore. On top of that, finding help and support is difficult. Although there are business courses out there, very few are designed with the specific needs of the beauty professional in mind. Which is why we came together to create the Beauty Experts Academy.

We’re three entrepreneurs with backgrounds in running successful salons, business management, branding and marketing, so we all know how overwhelming running a business and juggling all your other commitments can be.

We’re passionate about helping beauty businesses to get focused and avoid that confusion that can come with having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

We run a programme over six half days (one per month) to help beauty business owners grow their businesses through improved salon performance, staff productivity, salon management and client numbers. We’ll teach you how to create your vision for the business, build a powerful brand, plan for growth, implement your marketing plan, establish successful systems for your salon and develop the team around you.

Not only that, we’ve also put a buddy system in place, in which we’ll team you up with another beauty business on the course which we feel will support you best in your unique challenges. You’ll be encouraged to stay in touch, share ideas and keep each other motivated and on track.

So, if you think you’d like to find out a bit more about how we can help your business, we’d love to talk to you. You can either visit, email or call 07525 763944.

Helen, Deborah and Karen


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