A Mantelpiece Masterpiece – Mirrors.

white-arched-french-decorative-overmantle-mirror-ferne-4999-p[ekm]300x225[ekm]By Liz White.

We all love to snuggle a round a fire to combat the January chills and whether you have a gas fire, log burner, open fire or electric the fireside is the centre of attention in any room. The fireplace is sacred, the fireplace is cherished and for any homeowner their fireplace is a favourite place in the house. Make sure it looks as good as possible with a showstopping over mantle mirror!

Which mirror will you chose? Take a look at a few.  The carved antique gold rectangular over mantle mirror is for those who want a little decadence and tradition in their home, a bronzed mirror framed mirror is for the minimalist,  the frameless vintage style mirror is for those embracing the trends of the 1950’s in their home and the square deco wall mirror inspires all those who love the 1930’s. Oval mirrors give a more concentrated appeal and a classic French arched over mantle mirror is perfect for a country cottage.

The interior design combination of twinning the fireplace with a mirror is always popular because fires and mirrors are a match made in heaven.  Here is why…

1. The huge variety of mirrors to choose from means you will rarely see anyone with the same fire/mirror combination and a mirror can create any look you want in your house – from a grand setting through to minimalist appeal.They look good! It’s really that simple.

2. A mirror does not detract from the mesmerizing fire below and does not try to compete with the fires eye catching qualities. The two are enjoyed for their separate aesthetics. In contrast, a busy, colourful painting above a fireplace interrupts the lure of the fire.

3. The fire draws you in, the mirror reflects out. Sitting by the fireside you are captivated by the dancing flames, drawn into the hot little world created in your grate.  The mirror above achieves the exact opposite effect – it provides a balance to the room.

If you want to ensure your fireside is a winter wonderland then buying an over mantle mirror is a must – create your own mantelpiece masterpiece.

Vintage Vibe are specialists in interior design so why not give them a call on Tel: 01622 629029 if you want any home decor advice? They employ specialist mirror couriers who deliver into the room of your choice and ensure you get the chance to check your mirror is perfect before you have to sign for the delivery.


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