The LBM – 2015’s ‘Must Have’ Interior Design Item! (Large Black Mirror)

vintage-style-black-oval-dress-mirror-free-standing-full-length-cheval-mirror-naomi-316-p[ekm]300x430[ekm]By Liz White.

Boutique, chic, glamorous and unique black mirrors create a strong design statement.  Black mirrors are also flexible because black goes with everything!  As ladies will know, when you are wanting to make an impression you simply can’t beat wearing a LBD and the same goes for design – you just can’t match the LBM (large black mirror!)

The colour black is synonymous with style and elegance and is a colour that is not perceived as gender specific so black appeals to the majority.  According to the psychology of colour in marketing and branding, black is one of the top four preferred colours selected when buying a car – this shows black is linked psychologically to status, luxury items and design decisions.

It is important to get the right mirror – black mirrors do dominate a room and create a centre piece aesthetically so choose the right size for the room. Bedrooms and boutiques can’t go wrong with a full length mirror, bathrooms may require a fish-eye circular porthole mirror and hallways and receptions always look fab with a Snow White looking glass.

In the living room, dining room and above the mantle piece, black mirrors can be more creative, eye catching and dominant so embrace your inner design guru and be bold with your choices – a rectangular Gothic mirror is elegant and demands attention at the same time and ornate mirrors bring art into your choice.

Buy a black mirror and reward your home with a look that never goes out of fashion.  The phrase ‘black is back’ is highly misleading, black never went away and it’s here to stay!

Vintage Vibe are specialists in interior design and use mirror friendly couriers for delivery – they will deliver the mirror to the room of your choice and give you ample time to check over the item before having to sign for the delivery.  Take a look at the range of black mirrors Vintage Vibe have in stock to see if your perfect black mirror is nestling in their warehouse!


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