Don’t Get Married (without one of these…)

large-ornate-gold-display-easel-wedding-plan-easel-1528-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]By Liz White

Planning a wedding? It’s a minefield! So many things to think about. Don’t make the mistake of planning your day without thinking of how to convey essential information to your guests.  Overlooking an effective way of displaying the important information – such as the seating plan and venue map – means you are likely to end up with wedding guests getting lost or confused before the drinking begins!

Display easels are the perfect solution! My favourite is the large gold ornate easel and with matching table top gold ornate easels available to display your menus on, you can be design co-ordinated!

The seating plan is the one piece of information you need to convey to everyone within a short space of time and it needs to be highly visible and easily accessible.  As the wedding breakfast draws nearer, there is only one thing everyone is thinking ‘where am I sitting and who am I with?’ That is where Vintage Vibe’s amazing display easels become a necessity for your big day not just a nice little extra.

Display easels are essential because…

– They are eye catching, allowing you to display communication with your guests efficiently and reduce the number of questions the best man is bombarded with!

– Having a focal point displaying the seating plan makes sure your wedding guests will find their seats for the wedding breakfast quickly, allowing the wedding to keep to timing.

– Easels look beautiful, professional and add an air of sophistication to a room – delivering essential information in an elegant way.

– They are portable, fold flat and easy to move so transporting them will be smooth.

– They are versatile.  After being used to display the table plan the easel can be used as part of the speeches if photos are being displayed, to display directions (for example ‘Bar this way’), to show a venue map or for displaying the comments book to ensure this is not a forgotten part of the evening.

– Cute little table top easels are available and are a fabulous way to display the wedding breakfast menu and provide continuity in your delivery of information plus they look gorgeous.  The good news is that Vintage Vibe sell these table top easels in packs of six at a better price then buying them individually – saving you vital pennies on your wedding budget!

With prices from £16, easels are great little investments which usually hold their value – so you can sell them on after the big day!

To browse through all the display easels Vintage Vibe have in stock click here and if you want to chat it over with the Vintage Vibe team don’t hesitate – give them a call on Tel: 01622 629029 they love to help.  Make Vintage Vibe part of your wedding and you won’t regret it.


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