Bridal Boutiques: Are you ready for the Wedding Dress Rush?

woburn5By Liz White.

The next two months is prime time for brides to flock to your boutiques to order their wedding dresses for the great British Summer and we have a stunning secret about how to ensure they choose your wedding dresses over a competitors…

It is all about the big reveal and visualizing their parade down that aisle.  The best way to give your potential brides the experience they want is by showing them the dress to the full – if you are a bridal boutique it’s time to invest in exquisite, extra large leaning mirrors.

Why? These are large enough to capture the whole scene – let the bride twirl in your dress and practice for the first dance, she can stand next to her bridesmaids and see how the whole wedding party looks without having to angle mirrors, put several together or even worse take a photo!

Leaning mirrors also give you huge flexibility in your boutique layout as they are movable and Vintage Vibe stock beautifully decorated designs.  Their large silver free standing full length mirror is 180cm x 58cm and only £175 – with such a fantastic price you don’t need to spend a fortune to make a huge difference to your customer experience. I love Vintage Vibe’s beveled glass framed leaner mirror because of it’s clean lines and unobtrusive style and their large rectangular leaner mirror gives full length reflection in a classic romantic design.

You may think your customers won’t care what mirror you use as long as they can see the dress but think again – brides spend time perfecting every detail of their big day and if you can provide the perfect facilities for her to bring her dreams to life she is going to choose your boutique over all others.

Vintage Vibe employ couriers who specialise in delivering fragile goods and they will give you time to check over your delivery before you sign for it – and they are happy to deliver the mirror into a room of your choice.  Little details that make all the difference! Have look online at Vintage Vibe’s mirror selections and start reaping the benefits.


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