Create a ‘Light Bulb Moment’ for your Business

large-chrome-globe-skeleton-sphere-chandelier-10127-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]By Liz White

Hotels, salons, retailers, beauticians, bridal boutiques, restaurants or any other businesses that welcome clients through their doors are always on the look out for an edge on the competition and Vintage Vibe could literally ensure you have a ‘light bulb moment’ of inspiration for all your clients.

Creating first impressions that shine out from the rest is easy with the right atmosphere and intrinsic to a successful first impression is choosing the right lighting for your room.

Changing the lighting has an amazing effect and here is why:

1. If you want to be contemporary without redecorating this is an inexpensive way to be bang on trend without getting out the paint brush.

2. Ensuring the light levels and fittings are correct for a room ensures you create the most positive atmosphere – for example many people would feel cheated if they went to a ball room and there were no chandeliers or visited a hair salon with dark mood lighting.  It’s all in the detail…

3. Light fittings age a room.  If you walked into a pub and saw twin armed, shade topped wall lights you would instantly know you were not entering a contemporary gastro pub!  Like it or not lighting is linked to fashion and businesses should be reflecting the times they live in if they want to attract new custom.

You don’t have to buy into the fashion of the moment or change all of your lights to create an impact.  Try buying a statement lighting centre piece – something like this gorgeous, large, copper cluster ball chandelier light creates impact without grandeur or fuss.

For more practical lighting or for creating a spotlight area in your space an Arc floor Lamp is ideal.  This is great for shops who want to highlight their ‘product of the week’ and restaurants that are keen to make their menu board clearly visible.  For reception desks and till points why not buy the Tripod Spotlight Lamp? Your clients will take in the changes in a positive way – you will be making your business atmosphere aspiration and contemporary.

When business is competitive it’s the details that make your footfall rise so get your ‘light bulb moment’ up and running this week!

For more impressive lighting ideas visit the Vintage Vibe website.


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