How to create your own ‘Narnia’ inspired ‘Secret Garden’!

large-metal-arched-garden-conservatory-leaner-mirror-5454-p[ekm]300x225[ekm]By Liz White. As the daffodils raise their heads it’s time to embrace the Spring sunshine (thank goodness!) so look to your outdoor space and plan your garden now before those pesky weeds start to surface and the lawn suddenly demands a haircut! Adding a little mystery and intrigue to your garden to create a new look for the summer ahead is easy with garden ornaments and statues from Vintage Vibe.  There are a lot of options out there to spruce up your scrub land and here are some fabulous ideas to enable you to create your very own ‘Secret Garden’ meets ‘Narnia’ look! No matter what size outside area you have there is always room for a little magic – which the kids will love! The first ‘must have’ for a Secret Garden’ is the famous garden gate and the arched garden mirror with iron gate design pictured above, provides the perfect look. Reflecting the garden around you, this artistic leaner mirror can be placed against the vines to simply let the garden take over.  Visitors will see the glimpse of a gate and be intrigued which is exactly as it should be! For £160 plus delivery this is a statement piece that brings your garden to life. large-classical-lion-garden-statue-ornament-10451-p[ekm]300x449[ekm] This handsome stone Lion is just perfect to bring Narnia alive! With his full mane, grand stature and fixed stare your children will be naming this majestic lion ‘Aslan’ as soon as he arrives! At £62 plus delivery he is a great investment. Vintage Vibe also sell these lions in pairs for £120 so if you want to flank your driveway, doorway or pathway with Aslan go ahead! a-pair-of-moon-gazing-hare-garden-statue-ornaments-10436-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]More endearing are these two little spring Hares – raising their eyes to the sky to catch site of the Moon and stars. Fun to hide in the flower beds and light enough to move around the garden to create your own ‘magic’ and fun for the children. ‘Where will the Hare be today?’ (my bet is in the veg patch!) These are just £75 for the pair or £40 for one plus delivery. grey-grisly-bear-plaque-garden-wall-hanging-10447-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]Mounting this Grisly Bear on the garden wall is simply a must!  He will be guardian of your garden.  The life-sized, detailed design is a piece of outdoor art which will be a talking point for your visitors and a piece of wonder for your children. Include this grisly in your garden design and take a walk on the wild side for just £37.50 plus delivery! classic-kneeling-venus-goddess-statue-garden-ornament-10449-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]For those who like a more classic approach to garden statues this kneeling Venus is the fantastic price of £25 plus delivery. Traditionally seen in a lily pond setting, this nod to a neo-classical design creates an element of the Victorian garden in a contemporary way, putting elegance, nature and art in the heart of your garden. Some people forget design continues past your flower beds and bbq area.  Bring mystery to your garden and be inspired to create your own Narnia on your doorstep. Who needs a wardrobe when you can just use your back door! Take a look at the full range Vintage Vibe has to offer so you won’t miss out.


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