Top Tip: Mirrors help sell your home…

extra-large-white-vintage-style-rectangular-decorative-mirror-bainbridge-white-9869-p[ekm]300x322[ekm]By Liz White.

Spring is the time when many home owners think about selling up – selling is somehow easier in the sunshine.  The internet is full of top tips to help sell and the advice that comes up time and time again is using mirrors to enhance the positives of your home.

The Home Owners Alliance website recommends adding mirrors to boost your selling appeal: ‘Wall mirrors make a room look much bigger and lighter. Consider putting some up, especially in smaller rooms or hallways’ and on the website adding mirrors to your home to sell it comes in at number 3 on their top 20 checklist!  They explain: ‘Put up strategically placed mirrors to increase the impression of space.’

Adding mirrors to your decor is a really easy way to enhance your homes appeal but when you are preparing to sell you shouldn’t choose mirror designs that are fussy or too personalised – use clean, fresh lines and large mirrors to ensure you create maximum impact.

For smaller rooms, include a large mirror on the largest wall space.  It will reflect the light and give the illusion of more space.  Vintage Vibe’s large antique up-cycled mirror is great value for money and colour neutral.

The use of a large white mirror is a great trick because as well as creating light and space, a white mirror also looks clean and fresh.  Ensuring you have a fantastic full length mirror in the bedroom is also a must as – people can picture themselves getting ready for a night out on the town as they look around!  Although you may prefer to have your artwork hung above the fireplace, remember that you have to appeal to a mass market when selling your house – take the artwork down and hang an over-mantle mirror in its place.

Where to put mirrors is another hot topic for maximizing your selling potential.  If you have an amazing wood burner, ensure a mirror in an adjacent room or hallway reflects the fires glow, if you have a dark corridor in your home place a mirror on the darkest wall and another idea is to move a freestanding lamp/up-lighter next to a mirror to ensure that light is reflected throughout the room.

The possibilities are endless and with so many agents recommending mirrors as a selling tactic its worth a try!  For the look of luxury at affordable prices go to Vintage Vibe and see their extensive collection of mirrors – they have specialist couriers to deliver fragile goods to a room of your choice and the courier is happy for your to check over the delivery before having to sign for it.

One thought on “Top Tip: Mirrors help sell your home…

  1. Reka says:

    I live in the United States and would like to know if you ship here. If so I woukd like the purple crused vintage lamps but i dont believe the price is in American Dollars . Thank You

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