The Easter Bunny Meets King Kong!

By Liz White

For the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt that your children (and the neighbours children) will remember for a lifetime create a fun garden full of intrigue and oodles of egg hiding places by introducing exciting, creative and artistic additions to your outside space.

The garden is not just a space for flowers or football goals, if you plan to entertain in the spring and summer sunshine then buy unique and quirky garden furniture and ornaments that will raise the barr in garden design.

large-laying-hare-garden-statue-ornament-10432-p[ekm]200x133[ekm]Hare Garden Statue – The Eater Bunny really does visit!  This artistic statue embraces the spirit of Easter and as a ground hugging statue, blends into the flower bed making it the perfect hiding place for eggs – there is even a little space between his front paws to place a chocolate treat!

vintage-style-wooden-dove-cote-classic-garden-bird-house-10470-p[ekm]200x174[ekm]Wooden Dove Cote – Or as I call it ‘the most amazing Easter egg hiding place I have ever seen!’  Imagine filling this gorgeous bird house with Easter Eggs – for children it simply doesn’t get better than this and after Easter you have an amazing bird house for a focal point in your garden.

pair-of-life-size-standing-grazing-sheep-223-p[ekm]200x116[ekm]Grazing Sheep – Spring is well and truly in the air with these life-size sheep replica garden ornaments.  A brilliant talking point for your guests, fun element for the children and Spring atmosphere for your Easter Egg Hunt.

pair-of-green-painted-wellington-boot-plant-pot-stand-10445-p[ekm]133x200[ekm]Green Welly Planters – Fill your boots – literally!  Whether you fill them with Easter Eggs or strawberry plants these welly planters look good and weather hard – just like real wellies!

realistic-baby-hippo-standing-ornament-9227-p[ekm]200x133[ekm]Baby Hippo at the Waterhole – Hovering over your garden pond this baby hippo is sure to frighten away the fish stealing herons and you will find out if your children will dare to prize the Easter Egg from it’s jaws!

an-unusual-metal-white-butterfly-design-garden-bench-conservatory-bench-8174-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Butterfly Bench – This is simply a beautiful piece of craftsmanship for the garden.  A stunning garden bench which looks gorgeous and provides your Easter Egg hunters with a great place to sit and count up their stash!

large-metal-painted-giraffe-garden-ornament-10496-p[ekm]150x200[ekm]Colourful Giraffe – This colourful giraffe adds colour to your garden all year round and will also provide a great challenge for your Easter Egg Hunt this year – who can reach the Easter Egg filled basket hanging from the giraffe’s mouth?

life-size-extra-large-gorilla-figure-garden-ornament-110cm-10004-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Gorilla Figure – The ultimate garden ornament – this gorilla is so life like the neighbourhood animals will ensure your garden is a no go zone!  A safe pet without the silver-back attitude and a fun pun for the patio.  The kids will love to ride on his back and the Easter Bunny will finally have found a warm hiding place in the arms of this giant.

A garden should be fun – give the Easter Bunny a challenge this year and be rewarded with smiles from all – your little Easter Bunnies will have a ball!  Vintage Vibe have a great selection of garden ornaments and furniture so take a look at their range and get inspired.


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