A Very Vintage Easter…

antique-silver-style-sitting-angel-figure-free-postage-3509-p[ekm]280x500[ekm]By Liz White.

With Easter at the end of the week there are just a few precious days of post left to buy your Easter goodies.  Along with the all important chocolate, why not buy something a little creative, different and vintage? A thoughtful gift – something you don’t see in every shop window…

Easter Cupcake Tiered Cake Stand – there is only one way your Easter cup cakes can look even more scrummy than just after you have decorated them and that is when they are displayed beautifully on a tiered stand.  A must have for your Easter table or a fantastic Easter gift.

Gorgeous Silver Angel – The perfect gift for your Goddaughter as Easter is a fitting time to give an angel as a gift.  This antique silver figure is blowing a kiss – a great gift for any loved ones you can not be with this Easter – it shows you are sending them your love along with the angel to watch over them.

antique-style-metal-chocolate-diva-sign-free-delivery-9077-p[ekm]300x410[ekm]Chocolate Diva Sign – For the chocoholic in your life this wall sign is a great Easter gift! This is different, with a little humour and focused on chocolate – you can’t go wrong!

Spring Bird Bookends – Any book worms in your family?  This beautiful little spring gift is just the thing.   These sturdy bookends are a creative gift, full of spring connotation and something a little different from the mainstream.

Small enough to Post (if you don’t mind a little Squeaking) – popping a small but precious gift in the post is priceless and this little mouse door stop is a brilliant idea.  You won’t need to struggle to the post office with large boxes and this is a gorgeous little gift.

Dapper Rabbit Coat Hook – no country house is complete without a little humour in the hallway!  This hand cast resin coat hook is a great Easter present – practical, fun and a very vintage Easter bunny.

large-pair-of-antique-gold-angel-wing-cherub-wing-wall-hanging-10182-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]Antique Gold cherub wings – beautiful, graceful and connected with all the good things in the world, cherubs are about love and peace; the perfect Easter gift to display on the wall with your Easter cards or as part of your Easter table decoration.

Easter presents are not just all chocolate – prove you have what it takes to be a ‘great gifter’ and choose something a little different for your loved ones this Easter and you won’t regret it.  Order online or call Vintage Vibe today on 01622 629029 to ensure your Easter gifts arrive with you in time!


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