Iconic Black is Back!

By Liz White.

Black never goes out of fashion but there are some things that have never really been associated with the colour black and mirrors are one of those things!  A current hot trend has seen the spotlight of mirror design turning to the dark side – black mirrors are all the rage.

There are a huge range of black mirrors in contemporary, vintage, Gothic, designer and classic styles on the Vintage Vibe website.

The look is extremely versatile and black mirrors look just as great in a smart office setting as they do in a boutique clothes stores or funky nightclub. Here are my top five:

large-black-clear-venetian-rectangular-deco-wall-mirror-langton-4742-p[ekm]300x393[ekm]A black and clear Venetian Deco wall mirror has the 1930’s design twinned with a contemporary look.  Just the mirror for a monochrome design theme and if you want a sophisticated look to your hallway then look no further.

extra-large-silver-black-leaner-mirror-with-angel-cherub-crest-lucian-10396-p[ekm]300x420[ekm]This large silver and black leaner mirror is perfect for boutiques.  It is decadent, luxurious and a fantastic centre piece in a room.  This gives the practicality of a full length mirror but the width of an over mantle mirror and ensures you get maximum refection of the surroundings.  A clever mirror to have in a bridal boutique as bridesmaids and the bride can line up next to each other to see the full effect of their dresses and in a hotel lobby this would be perfect to reflect any feature staircase.

large-black-free-standing-full-length-dress-mirror-or-antique-style-cheval-mirror-maurice-6934-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Just as every woman needs an amazing LBD, every woman also needs an amazing FLM (full length mirror).  A full length, free standing mirror is a beauty essential.  This mirror is designed in an antique style but without the overly fussy design details. It is not too heavy so you can move it around with ease – making this a great mirror for bridal boutique changing rooms.

large-antique-black-oval-rococo-mirror-rhea-8330-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]This Rococo design is lavish, decorative and fits in anywhere you want to impress.  From boutique hotel bathrooms through to neat beauty salons.  The design is a piece of art in itself and would be the perfect decorative piece in a neutrally designed room.  This mirror stands out, catches the eye and says ‘you know you want to use me!’ to any one who passes by!

large-antique-style-black-rectangular-leaner-floor-standing-full-length-mirror-amelia-black-8194-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]A classic wall/leaner mirror, this full length design is a must have piece of furniture for any hotel. Ensuring a full length mirror gives your guests the whole picture is one way of ensuring they feel comfortable.   Some full length mirrors (inside wardrobes for example) only reflect from the knees up – frustrating and pointless.  This ensures your guests have the reflection they need to dress up for their night on the town and reflects from top to toe – just as a full length mirror should do!

Vintage Vibe have a large selection to choose from so take a look – the black mirror really is essential vintage.  It’s iconic and could be yours…


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