Lighting to Love – Spotlight on Spotlights!

By Liz White.

Do you love your lighting?  Why not!?!  Lighting is an important design feature in any room so why not make it contemporary with a vintage twist? Invest in lighting that will do the job and create a talking point in your design.  Buy something that will become a piece of furniture you cherish rather than simply ‘update’.

A great example of ‘lighting to love’ is the humble spotlight.  Always needed in bedrooms, hotel lobby’s, libraries and reception desks, spotlights don’t need to be drab.

chrome-angle-adjustable-classic-desk-style-floor-or-table-lamp-due-end-may-8640-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]Who can resist a lamp that looks like the cute Disney Pixar playful lamp logo? Practical and retro, this design never goes out of fashion.

These are due back in to Vintage Vibe at the end of May so why not put your order in now to avoid disappointment?

extra-large-baby-blue-angle-adjustable-classic-floor-lamp-8645-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]If you love the look of the desk lamp above but need something on a larger scale then look no further – Vintage Vibe have these as large floor lamps too.  Available in the colours of baby blue (as pictured) white, copper, orange and lime green!


Add some excitement into your design with this gorgeous light that looks as if it is straight from a movie set.  It creates a lot of light in a targeted area.  If you have to have a desk lamp on display you may as well make it look the business!

For the same spotlight look from a ceiling light, this burnished orange light shade is the best option.  Fantastic for a rustic feel.  This looks at home in a country kitchen, shabby chic dining room or industrial bachelor pad.  You can also buy this in black too.

Lighting should not be dull! Switch on to the Vintage Vibe and buy investment lighting that makes a statement.  For a relatively low cost you can change the look of a room dramatically and all it takes is a little imagination!

Have yourself a little light bulb moment with Vintage Vibe’s selection…take a sneaky peak at their collection and find what you are looking for!


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