Mirrors – Making ‘Practical’ Beautiful

By Liz White.

Want a mirror that is different? A statement? An eye catching design? A focal point? To wow your guests, draw people into your business or have a fabulous focal point for your home mirrors are so flexible. Here are 5 designs from Vintage Vibe I think tick all the boxes.

glorious-large-gold-circular-swirl-metal-mirror-goodwood-8304-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]This is lavish, ornate, artistic and bling! A few of my favourite things…  Perfect for a hallway, bedroom or even a rather exquisite ‘powder room’.

circular-vintage-style-gold-antique-metal-framed-round-wall-mirror-siria-264-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]This is a show stopper of a mirror.  Place this in the reception of your hotel or in the dining room and listen to the compliments flood in.  This is a large mirror and demands attention – so give it what it needs and pop it in your shopping basket!

wide-venetian-antique-style-frameless-mirror-vintage-design-with-crest-landscape-clarisa-341-p[ekm]300x311[ekm]This frame less mirror is elegant and contemporary.  People will look twice at this design and it will sit superbly over a mantle, chaise lounge or over a reception desk.  This is understated design making practicality beautiful.

large-plain-venetian-glass-mirror-with-bronze-mirrored-frame-charlie-9460-p[ekm]300x322[ekm]A classic mirror style.  The stepped, beveled edge is a clever design because not only does it create a large frame to grab the attention, the design actually draws the eye into the mirror.  The term ‘eye catching’ is perfect for this mirror.

ornate-carved-antique-silver-large-square-wall-mirror-joanna-back-in-stock-mid-june-2316-p[ekm]300x448[ekm]This mirror is out to impress.  It is decadent in design and as this is a large mirror, it will dominate the room – a stand out piece perfect for over a fireplace or for creating a talking point in your salon, spa, hotel, boutique or beauty parlour.

Mirror’s reflect light, entice people into a space and are missed if they are absent.  If you are looking for a mirror then make sure you make a statement with what you buy.  If you are not looking to buy a mirror why not?  It is an inexpensive way to boost your custom on a subconscious level.


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