Time for Business #ticktock

By Liz White.

It’s the countdown to summer and with these fabulous clocks for your business you should have no trouble telling when it is pimms o’clock at the end of a long day!

novelty-vintage-style-cream-distressed-teapot-clock-free-postage-9042-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]For tearooms, cafe’s and diners this cheeky little teapot is perfect for your wall.  This really does tell you it is teatime!

retro-black-time-zones-wall-clock-with-multi-dials-blair-728-p[ekm]300x301[ekm]In the office ensure you have the ultimate time zone clock which not only looks stylish and smart but delivers timings for London, Paris, New York and Sydney.  A highly practical piece. Perfect for international companies or those with international clients.

large-square-gold-distressed-metal-skeleton-wall-clock-herbert-9055-p[ekm]300x305[ekm]In your hotel lobby make a statement with the time with this large square design – time to check in, time to check out, time for that cab to arrive!  Hopefully this would also put an end to that pesky question all receptionists are asked: ‘erm…excuse me…what time is it?’

large-polished-aluminium-mantle-clock-free-postage-4359-p[ekm]300x374[ekm]This traditional mantle clock is perfect for corporate gifts, gastro pubs with a roaring fire or in a reading room. There was a time when no house was without such a clock and that is because this classic timepiece simply never goes out of fashion.

large-black-metal-industrial-style-mantle-clock-with-calendar-9271-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]For something a little less traditional but just as practical, this black metal industrial style mantle clock is for you.  Great for a home office or any bachelor pad this clock is also a calender – the full package!

So many workers rely on their mobile phones, iPads and computers to check the time but having a visual reminder around the office helps people organise their day and you will ensure you never have that age old excuse from your staff when you ask them why they were on their mobile phone “I was just checking the time”. Yes…and I’m a blue monkey!

Dozens of iconic designs are just waiting for you to snap them up at Vintage Vibe and unlike many products we do truly encourage you to leave these on the shelf – that is after all where many of them look their best.  They are vintage, affordable and yours!


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