Banish Bog Standard Business Bogs!

By Liz White.

Businesses can boost their productivity and sales by making one very simple change.  Boost your bogs!  Employees respond to the attention to detail in their office facilities and if you have a business where the public have access to a bathroom (hotels, cafes, restaurants etc) then having top class toilets is simply a must to encourage repeat custom.  Ensuring services are up to scratch goes without saying but adding little details that make people remember your business bathroom is simply gold dust.

On top of ensuring all your facilities are clean and warm, the top priorities I remember when I am visiting businesses public conveniences are as follows:

1. Mirrors – were they clean? full length? Did they allow me to check my make up and ensure I hadn’t accidentally tucked my skirt into the top of my tights?

2. Hooks – as there somewhere for me to hang up my coat and bag for practical purposed?

3. Lighting – was I able to see when I closed the toilet door! Did the lighting make me look like a ghost in the mirror?!?

4. Was I comfortable? Sometimes us ladies go off to the loo in pairs and while you are waiting for your friend its great to have somewhere to sit down…

5. Hand Dryers – was there a modern hand dryer or one that let me drip all over my shoes? Disposable hand towels and a horrid little bin or even worse a manky old towel that had seen better days?

6. Luxury items – was there a candle or incense sticks in there to create a good atmosphere? Hand cream? A clothes brush? All the little things add up to a good impression.

7. A baby changer.  Why oh why do people not include a baby change facility if there is room in their toilet? What annoys me more than anything is when I have to change my baby on a grotty bathroom floor.

Create the best impressions and look after your facilities – and in just a few clicks below you can create an impression that impresses courtesy of Vintage Vibe!

large-stainless-steel-silver-metal-five-hanging-candle-holder-lantern-10597-p[ekm]300x225[ekm]A hanging candle holder – keep away from little fingers but keep the ambiance light.

large-frameless-venetian-full-length-mirror-with-scroll-corner-detail-bella-2971-p[ekm]300x209[ekm]Venetian Mirror – for luxury lippy application

chrome-full-length-silver-aluminium-coat-rail-with-six-metal-hangers-9571-p[ekm]133x200[ekm]Coat Hangers – you may worry about getting lost property but it’s a sure way to have return custom!

large-painted-taupe-console-table-landscape-mirror-set-10374-p[ekm]300x339[ekm]Console Table and Mirror – Perfect for the office.  Give the ladies their very own salon station.  If you stock this with useful items such as nail varnish remover, cotton buds, sanitary items and more you will be hitting the right mark!

large-chrome-silver-sputnik-retro-chandelier-ceiling-light-9647-p[ekm]300x475[ekm]Lighting that fills the room – ensure the lavatories are well lit not over lit!  it’s simple really but the amount of strip lighting that people have in their toilet facilities is crazy – strip lighting gives me migraines they are so bright!

vintage-style-deep-button-back-beige-linen-armchair-4557-p[ekm]300x315[ekm]A comfy chair – us ladies are always waiting for a friend in the loo so if you have the room in your toilet facilities then making a  comfy chair available is a winner.

If your toilet facilities are poor then it doesn’t matter how good your afternoon tea is, or how swish the wine list, I don’t care if your all day breakfast tastes amazing quite simply I will not be coming back!  Lavish some attention to your bathrooms and reap the business rewards!

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