Ship to Shore with a Vintage Vibe!

ship-to-shore-213-c[ekm]133x200[ekm]By Liz White.

Welcome the sun as the great British summertime arrives.  With the longer days and warmer nights comes holiday season and all things nautical suddenly come onto fashion!  The ‘ship the shore‘ look is really popular and you can get a slice of this design pie by simply making a few subtle changes to your decor which make a huge difference.

If you are in the hotelier trade this look is fantastic to get your customers in the holiday mood and if you are beside the sea there is no excuse not to embrace it!  A driftwood theme is a particular style that creates a shabby chic look and can be created with ease.

large-vintage-style-painted-driftwood-chest-of-drawers-back-in-stock-end-of-march-8620-p[ekm]300x254[ekm]large-antique-white-upcycled-vintage-mirror-made-from-old-reclaimed-wood-4502-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]This Vintage Vibe driftwood set of drawers creates the perfect feel to a hotel room and twinned with their reclaimed wood mirror, the style is complete for the fraction of the cost of buying a whole new bedroom set.

The easiest way to give your rooms a nautical feel without disrupting the furniture is to include a porthole mirror.  Round mirrors are fabulous at creating the atmosphere of ‘a life on the ocean waves’ and are also a little different, a talking point for your guests.  Here are 5 of Vintage Vibe’s round mirrors to motivate you into making a nautical statement with your room design.

L-R classic Porthole Mirror £95, copper and aluminium porthole mirror £154, White gloss round mirror £230 silver fish eye convex mirror £230, silver and black metal embossed mirror £295






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