The Perfect BBQ Garden…

Summer parties are brilliant in the garden but what have you got to offer your guests for garden furniture? There are some fantastic, artistic, beautiful garden furniture styles for summer and garden furniture is a much used investment.  With BBQ weather waving us a big hello in many parts of the UK, it is time to address your garden’s distress.

The humble garden bench is a great piece of garden furniture and doesn’t have to be boring.  On Vintage Vibe’s website there are some gorgeous designs waiting to be snapped up for your garden:-

butterfly seat 1The Beautiful Butterfly  – a stunning piece of metalwork which looks great in the garden.  Butterflies are a very trendy design and with their link to the natural world this garden bench is a piece of sturdy artwork you can be proud of.

antique-white-metal-ornate-garden-conservatory-bench-10547-p[ekm]300x400[ekm]Scroll Back design – another garden seat to be admired this design has curved arms and a more traditional look that i s right at home on a lawned garden.

circular-green-metal-tree-bench-vintage-classic-design-8172-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Wrap-around Tree bench – if you have a tree in your garden this really is a must – it looks brilliant and uses up ‘dead space’ underneath the tree.  It’s a fantastic piece of social furniture that is sure to be a talking point with guests (and a great ‘leg up’ for your little tree climbers!)

milk-white-large-metal-bench-with-arched-trellis-feature-10318-p[ekm]150x200[ekm]Grand Trellised Bench – For a grander garden and statement piece of garden furniture look no further than this metal trellised design.  Grow a rambling rose or clematis next to the bench and see how the plant weaves it’s way over the trellis for perfect look for a country garden.

retro-metal-1960-s-style-red-garden-or-conservatory-table-2-chairs-10033-p[ekm]200x124[ekm]Retro Table and Chairs – If you like all things retro then extend the design to your garden!  his 1960’s style metal table and chairs is great.

With prices from £95 you will be buying cost effective, interesting pieces of furniture for your garden and will get a look that is not straight our of the High Street but something a little different.  For the BBQ season your garden can look it’s best so grab the chance while stocks last!


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