Iconic Gifts you will want to Keep!

By Liz White.

One of my struggles when it comes to present shopping is finding an iconic gift that stands the test of time, yet has a unique quality about it that will set it apart from the rest and ensure it is a memento to be remembered and treasured.  Presents for brother-in-laws, fathers and teenagers seem to be the hardest presents to gain inspiration for, so if you are the same, here are some ideas for fabulous iconic gifts from Vintage Vibe which I feel hit the target…

large-black-wooden-light-bulb-box-vintage-sign-letter-a--10744-p[ekm]300x300[ekm] (1)1. Large light bulb letters – For theatre lovers and those with a big personality these light bulb letters are designed as wall hangings and run on AA batteries.  Spell out a name or simply some initials to achieve a theatrical look in any teens bedroom – perfect for those who want to see their name in lights!
set-of-three-canvas-and-leatherette-travelling-trunks-10800-p[ekm]300x300[ekm] 2. Canvas and Leatherette travelling trunks – for the bachelor, brother or father/brother in-law this is a great present because it is a gift that either hints at travelling yet to come or compounds the memories of the many countries they have already explored.  They are an iconic pieces of furniture which look great in the home, never go out of fashion and because they are robust they are perfect for storage.

3. Garden ornaments – whether you are buying for family or friends there is always a joke to be shared over garden ornaments.  Vintage Vibe has stripped the traditional gnome of his fishing rod and instead introduced the pixie gnomes – fast asleep as nature intended!  Other ornaments available include small painted robins, multi-coloured zoo animals, sheep, pigs, hippos…I could go on but it’s quicker for you to click on this link to Vintage Vibe’s garden ornaments section!

large-silver-plated-rocket-cocktail-shaker-free-postage-4304-p4. The cocktail shaker – which late teen would have a party without cocktails?  Let them know you think they are responsible with alcohol – or encourage some non-alcoholic cocktail making – by giving them a cocktail shaker that not only looks amazing but will put them in the cool camp when it comes to throwing a party.

decorative-leather-globe-on-a-stand-3911-p[ekm]300x489[ekm]5. Globe – this is a great classic gift and wonder upon wonders this is simply decorative, it is not a drinks cabinet, does not hide anything inside and doesn’t play a tune when you spin it – it is a gorgeous aged leather embossed gift perfect for a home office.

Iconic gifts do not have to be all about fountain pens, cuff links and perfume holders.  Check out Vintage Vibe for more inspired iconic gifts.


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