Beautiful, Brilliant, Elegant Essex – Bling your Bricks!

By Liz White.

It is true what they say your home really is your castle!  As the historic experts in bricklaying Essex owes a debt to their ancestors to make their bricks marvelous!

With dozens of home improvement programmes clogging up the TV it’s easy to get carried away with ambitious plans to build, knock down and redesign your home so if you have an itch to bling up your bricks take a look at some of Essex’s most amazing buildings as inspiration and make sure you keep the vibe vintage alive…

credit to walthamabbeychurchcouk

Credit: Waltham Abbey Church

1. Waltham Abbey Church – What an amazing structure!  Still revered today as one of the finest churches in the UK taking a look inside is enlightening.  The wells of light, creamy colours of the stone and stained glass windows can’t help but inspire you.

Gareth Bale credit Rightmove2.  Gareth Bale’s Ex-Essex Mansion – of course looking at Essex houses would not be complete without a peek behind the scenes of a footballers house.  Known for attracting the rich and famous, Essex is to footballers as honey is to bees.  There are some extensive, luxury mansions attributed to the football crowd but this mansion (once owned by Gareth Bale) is modest in comparison to some and a little more down to earth.  The muted colour tones of the decor and neutral style makes it easier to visualize your home as a footballers mansion.  It’s all about clean lines…

Ingatestone_Hall_ credit tohhadotcodotuk

Credit: Historic Houses Association

3. Ingatestone Hall – a rather grand place owned by the Historic Houses Association. If you want to grow plants up your brickwork this is the place to come for ideas!


Credit: The Telegraph

4. Grayson Perry’s FAT House for Essex – so if you want wacky, off the wall design look at this technicolor creation that embraces all the colours of the rainbow and looks like a mad, bad, scaled down version of the Brighton Pavilion.  Good for art inspiration.

08-01-13-cruella credit prime locationdotcom


5. Cruella de Vil’s Pad – In Sible Hedingham is a Queen Anne residential house that supposedly inspired the author, Dodie Smith who penned ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’.  The author took inspiration from this house as the home of the infamous Cruella de Vil.  In truth it is a gorgeous house dating from 1690.  It was ‘updated’ in the Georgian period so the features are original.  For high ceilings and ideas about how to make alterations with a Georgian twist this is a great place to keep in mind!  With a fabulous wooden stairway and Georgian paneled rooms you can’t go wrong if you like historic houses.

Your home will always be your style but there is no harm in getting a little help – if you want some design pointers from design experts Lisa, Wendy and Kim from Vintage Vibe are always happy to help!


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