Chateau Collection – BACK IN STOCK!

Sorry for shouting. We’ve gone a bit caps lock mad as we’re excited to announce that one of our most popular collections – so popular it went out of stock for a while. (We temporarily thought our customers had purchased the world’s last available French style dressing tables.) Is now available again for you to get your Chateau loving hands on!


Chateau Dressing Tables – In Gold, Silver, and White!
But that’s not all…you can now choose your French provincial style dressing tables from the three following finishes:
• Antique Gold
Antique Silver
Antique White

Each will bring something different to a room, all will look absolutely exquisite.

French Chateau Furniture
These elegant dressing tables are designed with French styling to invoke the beauty of the Renaissance period. Modelled on authentic antique pieces to provide a classic period style dressing table that has the practicality and build quality of a modern design. Our dressing tables are much loved for their intricate hand carved details and beautifully feminine design. The crisp, clean finish of either the white, gold or silver options will transform your bedroom or dressing area into a French style boudoir. Each table comes in a three piece set with matching mirror and stool. The complete solution for creating a beautiful, chic dressing area. It goes without saying that these pieces have been constructed using the finest quality materials. Making them hard wearing and perfect for remaining in your home for years to come.

Where to Put Your Chateau French Dressing Table?
Now your heart is set on transforming your bedroom into a period French retreat with your own Chateau dressing table. You don’t just have to decide which finish will work best in your bedroom or dressing area, you’ll also need to work out where to put it. Every room is different and we’re sure your home is especially unique, but there’s always space for a fab new dressing table. There’s a few things you will need to take into consideration when finding the perfect spot for your getting ready routine.

Take measurements of your bedroom and work out how to optimise the space to get the most out of the room. Remember to take into consideration walking space around the edge of beds and in front of wardrobe doors.

Skirting Boards / Radiators
Once you’ve settled on the ideal area make sure to check for radiator pipes and skirting boards as these can throw your carefully measured dimensions up in the air.

Picking the best spot for your dressing table will often come down to where attracts the most natural light, which is important for applying makeup. If you can’t be near a window then make sure a plug socket is close by for a lamp.

Head on over to the New Arrivals section now to choose the perfect Chateau dressing table for your bedroom.


Gold Mirrors: Reflections of Autumn

There’s a chill in the air, the nights are drawing in, and the leaves are turning golden brown. It can only mean one thing: autumn is finally here. After a lovely and warm September the chill of autumn has caught up with us, leaving us sun lovers longing for the summer already. But autumn does have its perks, Halloween, Bonfire Night, an extra hour in bed (Sunday October 27th for those that need reminding!). It’s also one of the prettiest times of year as the trees turn delicious shade of gold, brown, reds and oranges. And it’s one of these autumnal colours, specifically gold, that is very popular currently with ornate mirrors.


A Traditional Gold Mirror
Is the sort of item that stays with a family for generations. Whilst their popularity peaks and dips, an ornate gold mirror is generally a wise investment. Under appreciated by the youth, taken for granted by busy thirty-somethings stopping briefly to straighten their tie or check their makeup. The family mirror doesn’t always get the love it deserves. But it never stops giving. When you reach that stage in your life where you have the time to stop and reflect. That stage of your life not unlike autumn, where you have enjoyed the intensity of your youth and settled into a slower paced more pristine existence. Then will you take the time to appreciate the beauty of an ornate mirror.

Mirrors and the Autumn Sun
And this is the time of year when mirrors look their best. As the low setting sun shines through your bay windows, bouncing warm light off the polished glass. The rays glistening on the gold leaf that clings to the expertly crafted metal frame.

Only when you stop and appreciate that beauty do you notice how your mirror has become more than a part of your morning routine, more than just a place to quickly check your hair is still in place before opening the door to visitors.

You realise it’s become as much a part of your family home as anything else you own. You also realise that it will continue to go on being part of your life, and reflecting every moment, for as long as you need it to.

It’s then that you discover the true value of a mirror and see for the first time why picking an ornate golden mirror is such a special decision and purchase.For you’re not simply buying a piece of reflective glass. You’re acquiring something that will become a piece of family history.

A decorative mirror that will reflect your life, the good and the bad, but never judge, never change, and always be exactly what you want it to be.

And one day when you no longer look to the mirror to admire your beauty but to instead marvel at its grandeur, you’ll have your children – now in the autumn of their lives – whisper in your ear…

…I’ve always loved that mirror

Lighting Advice from Tom Cruise…

Unfortunately we haven’t actually quizzed Tom for his thoughts on the best lighting choices for a family dining room (watch this space…).


But, we will be running through some of the lighting options we feature in store, with a little help from some celebrity friends.

We’ve talked about lighting before and thought this time, to add a new twist, we’d not just look at the variety of ways you can light your home, but ponder which celebs might be likely to feature such choices in their beach huts/mansions/castles.

Feel free to join in, let us know in the comments what lighting options you think you’d find in your favourite celebs house!

Large Crystal Chandeliers

Glamorous and stylish with a nod to the past. Crystal chandeliers are a lavish way of making a grand statement in any room. Excellent in hallways and even better in a high ceilinged dinning room. Our large crystal chandeliers can only be one celeb:
Katherine Jenkins: smart, sophisticated and oozing talent. Katherine is a stylish girl with traditional glamour. Sure to brighten up any dinner party.katherineJenkins_1467895c


Tripod Lamps (Gold and Silver)

These smart and edgy tripod lamps will appeal to the creative types and those who want to transform their home into a film set. Always thought of yourself as a movie star? Just waiting to get discovered before you can take Hollywood by storm? Set yourself up with these tripod lamps in your home or office and start living the dream today.
Tom Cruise: we see Tom, ever the workaholic (with 37 movies under his belt and two more entering production) never feeling comfortable unless the spotlight is pointed his way. He probably has 5 or 6 of these tripod lamps lined up behind his sofa!




Large Gold and Silver Arc Lamps

This stunning circular lamp with an arced stand, gun metal black finish and a distressed gold interior is immediately distinguishable as something special. A versatile lamp that would look excellent leaning over a sofa or providing light for work at a desk. Wherever it is used it gets the job done in style.
Samuel L Jackson: This lamp shares a lot in common with the famous actor: sleek, stylish and bold. But never over the top. If the star of Pulp Fiction and Snakes on a Plane likes interiors that match his personality, this lamp is for him.




Chrome Spotlight Lamp

An undeniable awesome quirky lamp that would look incredible in a warehouse conversion apartment or a commercial space with open brick walls and an industrial feel. But we can’t help shake the feeling these spotlight lamps would attract a certain type of over protective partner. They would after all help you keep your eye on someone! Hence we are going for:
Glenn Close: or more specifically her famous portrayal of Alexandra Forrest in Fatal Attraction. The bunny boiling lover that resorts to emotional blackmailing and stalking in her refusal to let an affair end.*

Which lamps in our range can you match a celeb up with? — tell us in the comments!

*Disclaimer: we’re not suggesting you are in any way similarly inclined by purchasing said lamp. But if you are…bunny boilers are welcome to purchase!


What’s on Your Wall? Unique Wall Hangings

Where would you find the most surface area in your home? It’s not something you really tend to think about is it, but it’s an interesting question that is nine times out of ten answered with: your walls.

Yet many of us forget that these important parts of our home need as much attention and thought when it comes to decoration and design as any other part of our homes. Sure, we understand the importance of colour schemes, wall papers, mirrors, shelves and so forth. But how many of us go above and beyond to seek out wall hangings that can really make a room unique? Once you start looking you’ll find there’s an endless amount of quirky and lovely pieces that can be hung and placed on walls to add character to rooms and really help them find their style.

Let’s look at some of our favourite pieces from our collection of Wall Hangings, Plaques and Signs:

Wooden Street Signs
Bring the outdoors indoors with these handmade vintage style street signs. The wooden street sign has become quite a trend in recent years and makes a great gift for fans of the sports clubs and famous roads featured on the signs. If you can’t find a sign you like or want one that is unique to you, why get your own customised street sign.


Animal Heads
Faux taxidermy is really popular right now. We’re not just talking about replica animal heads you would only want in a 1920’s gentleman’s study. But ornamental pieces that can fit effortlessly into contemporary design. Such as our ceramic rhino head, polished metal bulls head, and for the really quirky we have a fantastic friesian cow head.


Scissors for Hairdressing Salons
Haven’t you always wanted a giant pair of scissors on your wall? They might not be for everyone but any hairdresser or barber wouldn’t be complete without these handmade metal scissors decorating their shop. With movable blades for custom placement, they are also sought out by those with an interest in crafts and vintage home accessories.


Angel Wings
The perfect home accessory for giving a romantic touch to any home. We have a few different angel wings to choose from, varying in colour and size. All look lovely in master bedrooms over beds, in bathrooms, and can be used to great effect in beauty salons, hairdressers and spas where a romantic, calming ambience is key.


Knives, Forks, Spoons
A new trend in vintage wall decoration is to collect and arrange retro and Victorian cutlery for making interesting wall displays. Seeking out the right decorative pieces can become an endless search so we’ve collated some of the best vintage, antique and giant cutlery for you to create your own home wall display.


Silver Tea Cup
A wall hanging that will appeal to the caffeine lovers on Vintage Vibe. This unusual oversize tea cup has been crafted from polished aluminium. It sits on a matching saucer and would be a great addition to the kitchen of an avid tea drinker or make a novelty wall decoration for a cafe, bar or restaurant.


So now you know you need to give your walls a little love and attention, what will you use to spice up the blank space?

How to Set up a Beauty Salon at Home

Wan’t to run your own salon? Use our simple guide to show you how to set-up and kit out your own home to become the best, and most stylish, beautician or hairdresser on the street.

Salon Chairs
The first thing you’re going to need when you set up shop is somewhere for your clientele to sit. A hairdresser that cuts their clients hair whilst their standing up isn’t going to be in business very long! Neither is a beautician who insists you sit on the floor as she sees to your monobrow.


Large Mirrors
The second vital ingredient you’re going to desperately need for your brand new hairdressers or beauty salon are mirrors. Large mirrors. And lots of them. Your customers will want to see what a great job you’re doing, and you’ll need them to help you give them the best possible experience. Mirrors will also help you make the most of your space by reflecting light and increasing the sense of space in any area. If your home salon is going to be a little on the pokey side, large mirrors will instantly help get rid of any unwanted claustrophobia.Plus, they’ll mean you don’t need to keep looking over your shoulder to check how long the line has got.


Sofas, Seating and Side Tables
Speaking of lines, if you’re operating a walk in service you might want to consider giving customers somewhere comfy to sit whilst they wait their turn. Why stop there? You’ll need to keep them entertained while they wait with newspapers and magazines, and you’ll need somewhere to put them. Some funky side tables or a well placed coffee table should do it. Making your clients feel right at home in yours.

If you’d like your salon to stand out and be memorable, and who wouldn’t, you’ll need some unique decorations to make it your own. We find the wackier the better. If you have any unique pieces you’ve collected from your travels or items that have a good story behind them, they can be great to include as conversation starters to stop awkward silences with even the quietest of customers.If you don’t have anything of your own, have a look around for interesting pieces online. We really like this silver Buddha statue that brings a tranquil spirit to your salon and will certainly get lots of comments. On quiet days you can make up stories about how you trekked miles through the Indian rainforest to find it…


Look Like a Hairdressers
If you’re going to be taken seriously you’ll need to look the part and no self respecting hair salon wouldn’t feature some sort of memorabilia that points to this as being their lifelong ambition. Try these funky scissors for a wall decoration that screams salon for life!Find more items to help create your own home salon in our section that’s designed specifically for helping with your shops decor.


Get in the Mood for Autumn with Teak Vintage Furniture

You’re curled up on the sofa, feet nestled in a soft rug, the fire crackles as you sip a warm cup of tea. The perfect autumn evening. But what’s missing? A vintage teak sideboard, atop stands your TV playing…X Factor?!


Yes, unfortunately the summer is drawing to a close and with that comes crisper days, falling leaves and the return of the UK’s most infamous talent show. But if the thought of watching talentless-fame-crazed-contestants turns you off. Rewind a step in our story and focus on the vintage teak side board instead. Or if a sideboard isn’t what you’re looking for, replace it with a retro large teak G plan coffee table, or 1960’s teak hall mirror with handy shelf.

Teak is the Colour for Fashionable Autumn Furniture
You see whatever picture you create for yourself this autumn, you’d be missing a trend to not consider complementing it with some vintage teak furniture. Teak is the colour for autumn and the vintage 60’s designs are making an overdue come back.

Check out this Vintage Teak Tea Trolley for instance.


It might not look much on its own. But just think of the story it comes with, who might have used it, and for what purpose? Maybe it was the drinks trolley in a bustling London ad agency execs office. Offering solace in times of need and celebration when winning clients.Now you can transform it into your very own Don Draper style drinks stand. And that’s not where our collection of vintage designs, like the ones you’re likely to see on the screen in shows like Mad Men, end.

Right now on Vintage Vibe we have a variety of special items in stock that are ideal for creating your very own retro fest this coming autumn.

Rare Framed Teak Mirror


A rare example of a classic 1960’s designer mirror with a simple and elegant teak frame. It’s in great condition and would be suited to a hallway or cloak room. Just imagine the faces that have stared into this mid-century mirror. Hopefully none of them will stare back at you!

1970’s Vintage Large Teak Coffee Table


A retro G Plan coffee table with useful magazine tack. Really stylish back in the 60’s and we think it still holds up today. The table does feature some signs of age but this just adds to its enduring charm.

Designer Side Table with Bi-Fold Checker Doors (SOLD)
This item has now been sold to one lucky owner. A really special side table that features bi-fold doors and circular feature panels. Extremely versatile, stylish and in remarkably great condition. And if you’re looking for the best way to kick back and admire your vintage furniture in style, why not finish the look with a vintage leather sofa.

Charcoal Black Vintage Leather Corner Sofa
But if your new teak furniture isn’t enough of a distraction from the TV. Take our advice and wait until the live shows if you must, at least then there’s some talent to be found!

Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 16.36.02

Great Lighting Ideas for Darker Evenings

When you get to that time of year when the nights start drawing in and the evenings begin getting darker, it’s time to start thinking about lighting ideas for your home or flat. There’s so many unique and exciting ways of lighting a space, it can be difficult to decide which style to choose from. Let us help you by running through some of the most popular lighting ideas here at Vintage Vibe:

Large Chandeliers
Elegant, exquisite, grand. There’s many words that describe the beauty of a chandelier and there’s no better way to maximise their effect than to go all out and decorate your home with a stunning large chandelier. From French style, to bronze, gold and antique. There’s a large chandelier available for every style.


Small Chandeliers
Don’t have the space to splash out on an 8 branch monster? You can still enjoy the delights of a chandelier in your home with a smaller model. What they lack in size they easily make up for in style. Losing none of the appeal of their bigger brother.


Crystal Chandeliers
If a simple glass chandelier isn’t decadent enough then perhaps a crystal chandelier will be the right way to light your home. With up to 12 branches, a crystal chandelier is an ideal choice for grand impressions in a lobby or reception area and can really set your dining space apart from the competition.


Glamour Lighting
If a chandelier is the wrong type of glamorous you could try a Large Silver Crystal Globe Light or Italian Style Beaded Glass and Brass Uplighter for an alternative way to add some panache to your party.


Desk Lighting
Everyone needs a good desk lamp, the right type of desk lighting can make or break a desks design. Without it you’re truly lost in the dark (terrible pun, sorry! – we’re getting renowned for these now…). If you’re like us, you’ll take accessorising your desk seriously and the right style of desk lamp is extremely important in creating the correct working environment or relaxed atmosphere. If there’s any film or photography fans in your life consider taking a look at our tripod design desk spotlights. They’re also hugely popular with creatives.


Crush Glass Table Lamps
Another essential lighting variety that takes time and care to get right is the table lamp. Whether they are situated next to your favourite sofa providing just the right amount of reading light. Or painstakingly placed in the corner to create the ideal evening atmosphere.


Choosing the right table lamp is big business.
One of our current favourites are these fabulous crushed glass table lamps. The base of the lamps use a variety of coloured crushed glasses to create a mosaic pattern that looks stunning in any contemporary or period home.

Table Chandeliers
Yes we’re back at chandeliers again, but this time they won’t be hanging over your head but taking pride of place in the centre of your dining table. A beautiful alternative to a candle holder, adorned with hundreds of beads and droplets that playfully reflect the light, they are also extremely popular bedside table editions for particularly grand master bedrooms.