About me – Lisa, Co-Director VintageVibe

Well I have 2 big passions in my life, after my gorgeous handsome sons of course, and they are my animals here at Fountain Cottage and Vintagevibe Ltd. There are only 2 places you will find me, either spending peaceful time with my animals or in front of my computer working on Vintagevibe Ltd our rapidly growing and evolving furniture home boutique. It only seemed like 5 minutes ago we were listing a couple of items on ebay and trying desperately to make our website look like we had enough items on there to be taken seriously. Now we have hundreds of stock items and 5 employees all female and all family working tirelessly together to grow and better our precious Vintagevibe Ltd . Oh and don’t forget poor Stuart our Apprentice who has to put up with us women!

Laura my second cousin and Wendy’s daughter has created a Vintagevibe family tree, this is a wonderful way of showing how our family business works. We all have different skill sets that compliment each other to create an amazing team.

VintageVibe family tree
Me being me I am very excited about a number of our new products that are really ‘on trend’ this year. So much so we have created a whole page dedicated to our animal themed products; animal magic. I have a number of our animal items in my cottage in Kent (The Garden of England), one of my favourites is the cows head in my stairwell. He always sparks comments from visitors!

cow head figurine

I just had to have one of the dog cushions, it was hard to choose but I ended up choosing the Jack Russel cushion, as it’s one of my favourite dog breeds. My newest addition is my boxer dog lamp. I love it! This quirky lamp always attracts attention from guests and gets lots of compliments.

jack russel cushion

jack russel cushion

boxer dog lampboxer dog lamp


Oh and I forgot to mention, it would be rude for me not to have a sheep in my garden (seeing as I have the real thing at the end of my garden) So I have a lovely Shaun the sheep figurine on my lawn.

shaun the sheep figurine

The next thing I am planning to bring home is a birdcage chandelier  , they are new this season and we are all very excited about these we think they are hot news in the interiors world.

Screen shot 2013-02-07 at 14.15.03

What new 2013 home interior trends are getting you excited? I’d love to hear about your favourite trends and your favourite VintageVibe products.