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When we started trading we based our business business model on the retail shop I had run since 2005 after a background in interiors and a passion for home making. We wanted to create the same feeling online that we had when customers walked in the shop. They used to mostly say the same thing…….

Its like an Aladinn’s cave and I love everything it was exciting seeing the delight that we had so much to offer. It was a small shop literally bursting at the seams with unusual and quirky home accessories and original vintage  furniture.  There is an old saying  you can’t run a business on bargains but we sort of have?


Our collection of classic furniture, shabby chic dressing tables original vintage and home accessories are priced to tempt you to click buy now without hesitation. Whether you order a white girls dressing table, large decorative silver mirror or large skeleton clock we have something to tempt you for your home today.


Customer satisfaction is in the front of our minds all the time we treat customers the way we would like to be treated ourselves and if the occasional thing goes wrong we deal with it by asking ” what do you think is fair”.

The desire grow our family business, enjoy the working day, give customers what they want at a price they can afford, and work with a reliable courier company has seen our business flourish and grow. Thank you for supporting us.

Wendy x


Why we love large mirrors?

The use of large mirrors is the interior designers best kept secret.

1. They reflect ambient light
Large mirrors instantly add light and energy even to the smallest of rooms.

large chateau ornate mirror
2. They double the look of the room size
There are no rules for size when adding mirrors but a good adage is ‘bigger is better!’

large ornate silver full length mirror
3. They can be used to reflect artwork or your favourite home accessory.
A large mirror can be placed opposite your favourite artwork to reflect it into the room. The photo below shows the Eaton silver mirror reflecting a painting of my daughter.

decorative large silver mirror

My favourite painting of my youngest daughter painted by her sister reflected in the Eaton mirror.

About Me – Wendy, Co-Director VintageVibe

I consider myself a very lucky person. I have two wonderful daughters, one of whom has recently joined the firm, and Lisa, the best business partner in the world. After years of feeling frazzled running an independent shop it was a wonderful  to join forces in developing a business with someone who has the same core values. We make the most of every day and are committed to moving the business forward. We have learned a lot together and from each other too. If we make a million great, but the million laughs along the way are as valuable as the money in the bank.


Kim, Lisa’s sister-in-law, joined us what seems like yesterday to us but probably feels like a lifetime to her. Kim has been invaluable in keeping us focused as we have three new ideas a minute some days and we need her to help us follow through. Last but not least I sometimes feel the universe collided when Lucy, my niece, started up her social media business, Digification. Lucy has been instrumental in our business, helping our website to grow and improve.


Having a warm and welcoming home has always been important to me. In my own home I like to mix vintage and antique pieces with modern items to create a timeless look.

There are some things I have had since childhood that I could never part with like the tapestry bought by my late father in a junk shop in Tunbridge Wells. At the time I was living in Gravesend and would never have imagined I would spend most of my adult life living happily there.

tree poem tapestry

I think that I will never see a poem lovely as a tree

My daughter, Sarah, is a fashion student at London college of fashion and therefore has lots of clothes. So, I had to get her a VintageVibe dolls house compactum wardrobe. She absolutely loves it, and gets countless compliments when friends come round. You can also see in the photo that she has a beautiful antique white crystal chandelier hanging in her room.

Sarah's dolls house wardrobe

Sarah’s dolls house wardrobe

dolls house wardrobe

When we refurbished Sarah’s bedroom I found this vintage dressing table she adores at a flea market. It has a mark on the top but that has since been joined by a few more courtesy of GHD.

vintage dressing table

My daughter’s vintage dressing table

The mirror in my hall is a VintageVibe Warwick mirror. Everyone assumes it’s antique which never fails to amuse me!

warwick mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall 

I am always excited to buy for VintageVibe and am constantly looking forward to the next collection we are going to stock. I am particularly happy we have now built an antique furniture department with lots of unique and one off pieces.

The future of VintageVibe is looking bright! We love hearing from customers, whether it’s feedback about our site, a compliment about our service or a piece they have fallen in love with. So please get in touch.

Have a great week!



ps. This week I have been taking lessons on how to relax from my gorgeous cat, Racso
gorgeous cat

It’s a cats life