#Help! Last Minute Christmas Shopping


By Liz White.

You still have a few days of Pre-Christmas post to ensure you order and receive gifts in time for Christmas but what to buy? Are you having that feeling of panic that floods us all at some point?  Has your Mum bought herself the book you had on order for her present? Did your brother decided he no longer likes wine and you had a vineyard tour planned?  Relax – help is here!  Take a look below for some last minute unique gift inspiration…

For those who love Bake Off! We all have friends who can’t get enough of baking and for those who love to experiment in the kitchen buy them this elegant, white porcelain three tier cake stand.  It is a thoughtful gift and will be used over and over again.

For the host who has everything – turning up on Christmas Day with chocolate and wine is a little like bringing coals to Newcastle so the old expression goes so think of something original.  Why not order this ‘Keep Calm and Drink Wine’ sign, after all it is probably appropriate!

Add a little fun to your drinks cabinet  – cocktail shakers are great for any party so go one step further and buy this silver bell shaped cocktail shaker.  Fantastic fun – especially for a drinks connoisseur; a classic looking ornament with a twist. Made of stainless steel, this will never tarnish.

Dog lovers will love this! – At Vintage Vibe we have a selection of really gorgeous, fun dog print cushions.  My favourites are ‘Dogs in a Vintage Red Car’ and the ‘Gentry West Highland white Terrier Dog‘. A set is fun and if you have a dog lover in your life its a safe bet present.

Something stylish for the desk – this is a great idea for the home desk.  A silver plated pen holder that adds a touch of style to the desk or alternatively it can be used as a cigar holder! Christmas time is an event where the cigars get wheeled out and puffed furiously.  If rotten old cigars are going to be smoked then why not ask them to do it in style?

For the travelers out there – This is a gorgeous present and something that will stay with them through life – no matter where their nomadic tendencies take them!  This leather globe with embossed detail will stand the test of time and remind them of you every time they are missing home.

Don’t panic! Take 5 minutes to browse Vintage Vibe’s website and find a whole world of gifts that could solve your last minute present nightmare!



Pop the Christmas Champers! Christmas is in Sight…

a-large-stainless-steel-champagne-or-wine-bucket-with-leather-strap-7280-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]By Liz White.

Countdown to Christmas is upon us – just one full working week left before the big day!  What you should be concentrating on now isn’t the last minute gifts, icing the cake or ordering the turkey – prioritize and get the bubbly on ice!

As long as you have some champers, prosecco or sparkling water chilled the rest of Christmas will go well! So make sure your bubbly bottle is presented in the best possible way.

From the cool, pristine look of a stainless steel ice bucket, a polished aluminium wine bucket on a stand, silver plated champagne/wine cooler or simply stack the kitchen with rustic wine boxes you will be a hostess to remember if the drink is chilled, filled and flowing.  Splash out and serve the fine wine in style this Christmas.

5 Original Presents for the Woman who has Everything!

pair-of-one-off-designer-original-hand-made-metal-standing-guinea-fowl-9216-p[ekm]300x325[ekm]By Liz White.

Wracking your brain for present inspiration can be really hard – and quite often only results in buying gloves, scarves and a bottle of Baileys for your loved one. You know you can do better! Here are five original and gorgeous  gifts for the women in your life – friends, family or partners.

1. A pair of Guinea Fowl! You have heard of the ‘Partridge in the Pear Tree’, well this is the guinea fowl in the back garden! Metal designer artwork for the garden is a brilliant, original idea. £140 for the pair.

2. Lanterns – Wrap this up with a gorgeous, hand made large church candle and you are sure to be delivering a winning present. £62.

3. Fortune Telling Cups –  an opportunity to buy a great looking present and something a little quirky for the woman who has everything! £55.

4. Vintage Trug – for your green fingered friends this is a gorgeous gift.  Perfect for collecting flowers or veg from the garden. For £20 this is a must buy!

5. Decorative Buddha head – promote zen calm in your household and create a spa feel in your bathroom.  It’s a gift that brings a little peace to the home and gives her an oasis of calm. For £30 it’s a great decorative piece.

5 Great Gifts for the Man who has Everything!

electric-blue-moose-head-wall-hanging-with-stunning-antlers-back-in-stock-mid-november-7197-p[ekm]300x452[ekm]By Liz White.

Christmas presents are simply great aren’t they? NO! Are you finding yourself resorting to buying socks and shirts for the men in your life or comedy DVD’s you haven’t a clue if they like?  If so you need help!  Lucky we are here then!  Here are 5 great gifts for the man who has everything…

Wacky Wall Hangings – choose from an electric blue moose head, running zebra, bright white stag, fuchsia pink ox head, or orange antelope!  They are striking gifts and great for a bachelor pad. A fun talking point in the decor and add splash of colour to any room.  With prices ranging from £67 to £268 they span most budgets,

Customized wooden sign – add a personal touch and be creative.  Is he a football fan? Tennis ace? Golf fanatic? Dreamer? Add whatever words you like and create a unique gift for display inside or outside the house. This is a unique, hand-made gift for £145.

Industrial re-engineered wine rack – This looks the business.  If your man is into his wine this is a fantastic gift.  With storage boxes underneath these are perfect for modern interior design living. This is bespoke so you may have to wait – but it will be worth waiting for. At £610 this is an investment and stand alone piece of furniture to turn heads.

Leather bound book boxes – to tidy his the office or living room these leather bound antique style book cases are just the thing.  Hide the FHM and ’50 Sheds of Grey’ behind a classic exterior and get a tidy house and give the impression that he is well read too!  The price is great at £41 – affordable quality.

Life size Gorilla Figure – this is a perfect house mate! great for outdoor space or simply as a fun, quirky piece of decoration in the home. Wrapping this will be the most fun of all!  the price reflects the craftsmanship at £330.

For more ideas visit Vintage Vibe.

Five ideas to bring fun to Christmas Day

large-white-distressed-standing-stag-ornament-9942-p[ekm]300x291[ekm]By Liz White.

The countdown to Christmas continues! What have you planned for fun on Christmas day? A board game? DVD? That’s all a bit old hat.  Here are some lighthearted ideas to inject some laughter into your Christmas day…

1. Pin the tail on the…Stag (or reindeer if you prefer!) It’s a Christmas version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  Great game for the children – or for the adults after a few tipples!

2. On arrival make a winter cocktail for your guests.  Shake it up using a silver plated cocktail set and it is sure to be entertaining as your guests watch the ice fly!

3. Instead of relying on cracker jokes for amusement ask each guest to come prepared with two funny stories – one true and one false and see if anyone can bluff their way to winning a fun flying pig ornament – better than the usual cracker present!

4. Have a gorgeous crown as the centre piece to your Christmas table and crown your ‘Queen of the Christmas Lunch’ – an impromptu speech may even be better than the real Queen’s speech!

5. Decorate your home with signs to make your family laugh!

Bring out your fun side this Christmas! For more inspiration visit Vintage Vibe.

Don’t Miss Christmas Delivery Deadline!

unusual-quBy Liz White.

The clock is ticking and it is definitely ‘Countdown to Christmas’ time! 8th December is the cut off date to order your bulky gifts to ensure they can be delivered in time for Christmas.  Order today and relax in the knowledge that you can have Christmas all wrapped up in time!

Larger gifts from mirrors, furniture and bulky presents can cause a nightmare to deliver at this time of year but not with Vintage Vibe as long as you order today!

The perfect gift is simply a click away! Order by the end of today (8th) and Vintage Vibe will prioritize your order – with bulky items at the top of their list to send out.

If you don’t think you are buying any larger items then you must have missed out on the previous blog posts! If you still have presents to buy, take a look at Vintage Vibe and indulge in their fantastic range of classic furniture, antiques, home accessories and gifts at great prices and don’t worry if you fall in love with something that isn’t ‘bulky’ smaller items still have plenty of time for delivery!

Vintage Vibe are a team that go above and beyond so if today is not the best time for you to order, just give them a call on Tel:01622 629029 Mon – Fri and they will see what they can do to ensure a delivery of bigger items reaches you in time.

It’s a simple click away so tick off your Christmas shopping list today!

Don’t let the Christmas Pud upstage your Christmas Table!

kensington-table-top-5-arm-aluminium-candelabra-60cm-free-postage-548-p[ekmBy Liz White.

It’s countdown to Christmas time!  Have you thought about your Christmas table yet? Really make your Christmas shine and sparkle by lighting up your Christmas table with the best of the beautiful, glamorous, classic Christmas table centre pieces you can find – candelabras and candlesticks!

For a Christmas atmosphere which makes your guests relax, unwind and appreciate the beauty of your fine dining there is nothing better than Christmas dinner by candlelight – you may believe a flaming Christmas pudding always looks good, but a flaming Christmas pudding by candlelight is simply magical!

From hugely affordable aluminium table candelabras, vintage glass candlesticks, mirrored silver candlesticks, and Gothic black candelabras through to quirky porcelain parrot candlesticks there is a huge selection to choose from so add candlelight to your Christmas – you won’t regret it!

See Vintage Vibe for the full range and enjoy shopping with them this Christmas knowing you are supporting a family run, independent business.