Inspiring Summer Soiree – tricks of the trade for a tip top garden.

purpleflowerMonet said “My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece” and we all hope to take the same pride in our own back yards.  Looking for the first red strawberry of the season, the first apple to drop or the first flower to bloom is a joy – then comes the battle of the bind weed, plague of pests and late season frosts to test your dedication. So to keep your garden looking amazing and ready for your summer soirees (whether you have an acre or a few plant pots) I have a few great tricks up my sleeve…

To stop birds eating my fruit, I hang up old cd’s on strings in my fruit patch to scare them away (like a 1990’s scarecrow!) Usually red current or black current bushes are best for this.  Another trick is sprinkling zoo poo (available from any good garden store) in the borders to stop foxes and cats messing on your pansies – after all a garden where a lion has marked its territory is not worth messing with!

For good irrigation finely pierce a length of hose pipe, intermittently, and bury it along the border ensuring easy watering throughout the dry season without the use of back breaking watering cans. Attach one end of the pipe to your water butt or outside tap for easy irrigation and block the other end – ensuring the water escapes through the pierced holes.  I also like to trap flower munching snails with an old watering can – by lining the inside with grease the snail can’t get out again.

Getting in the garden is all part of summer fun and at this time of year, when the veg patch is spilling over and fruit trees are heavy with offerings, is the perfect time to delight your friends with a garden get together.  Make sure you know where the ‘sun trap’ in your garden is so you know where to place your garden furniture (and plant the sunflowers) and any uneven ground cries out to be used as a rockery!

Grow your own mint for the mojito’s or fruit for the pimms jug and for the little ones in your life a garden bug hunt to satisfy their curious, growing minds and a ‘pick your own strawberries’ section of the garden is brilliant – as Charlie Dimmock says “the great thing is if they’ve grown the plants themselves, they’re more likely to eat them!” It’s a clever way of ensuring little ones get one of their 5 a day!

cabbagesIf the idea of gardening appeals but the reality of the work involved is daunting then you are not alone!  Every gardener fights slugs for their beloved lettuce, sprays greenfly away from their rhubarb (soap and water spray usually does the trick!) and clears bird poo away from the garden furniture – it’s part of having an outdoor space, but keep calm – we found this great quote from the mighty Monty Don that gives encouragement to us all:

“If you can dream every square inch of a garden, every day of its year and every flavour of its season, then you can make it happen” Monty Don.

At Vintage Vibe we all love out gardens so if you want to ask us anything about gardening then feel free and we will do our best to help!