Iconic Gifts you will want to Keep!

By Liz White.

One of my struggles when it comes to present shopping is finding an iconic gift that stands the test of time, yet has a unique quality about it that will set it apart from the rest and ensure it is a memento to be remembered and treasured.  Presents for brother-in-laws, fathers and teenagers seem to be the hardest presents to gain inspiration for, so if you are the same, here are some ideas for fabulous iconic gifts from Vintage Vibe which I feel hit the target…

large-black-wooden-light-bulb-box-vintage-sign-letter-a--10744-p[ekm]300x300[ekm] (1)1. Large light bulb letters – For theatre lovers and those with a big personality these light bulb letters are designed as wall hangings and run on AA batteries.  Spell out a name or simply some initials to achieve a theatrical look in any teens bedroom – perfect for those who want to see their name in lights!
set-of-three-canvas-and-leatherette-travelling-trunks-10800-p[ekm]300x300[ekm] 2. Canvas and Leatherette travelling trunks – for the bachelor, brother or father/brother in-law this is a great present because it is a gift that either hints at travelling yet to come or compounds the memories of the many countries they have already explored.  They are an iconic pieces of furniture which look great in the home, never go out of fashion and because they are robust they are perfect for storage.

3. Garden ornaments – whether you are buying for family or friends there is always a joke to be shared over garden ornaments.  Vintage Vibe has stripped the traditional gnome of his fishing rod and instead introduced the pixie gnomes – fast asleep as nature intended!  Other ornaments available include small painted robins, multi-coloured zoo animals, sheep, pigs, hippos…I could go on but it’s quicker for you to click on this link to Vintage Vibe’s garden ornaments section!

large-silver-plated-rocket-cocktail-shaker-free-postage-4304-p4. The cocktail shaker – which late teen would have a party without cocktails?  Let them know you think they are responsible with alcohol – or encourage some non-alcoholic cocktail making – by giving them a cocktail shaker that not only looks amazing but will put them in the cool camp when it comes to throwing a party.

decorative-leather-globe-on-a-stand-3911-p[ekm]300x489[ekm]5. Globe – this is a great classic gift and wonder upon wonders this is simply decorative, it is not a drinks cabinet, does not hide anything inside and doesn’t play a tune when you spin it – it is a gorgeous aged leather embossed gift perfect for a home office.

Iconic gifts do not have to be all about fountain pens, cuff links and perfume holders.  Check out Vintage Vibe for more inspired iconic gifts.


The Easter Bunny Meets King Kong!

By Liz White

For the ultimate Easter Egg Hunt that your children (and the neighbours children) will remember for a lifetime create a fun garden full of intrigue and oodles of egg hiding places by introducing exciting, creative and artistic additions to your outside space.

The garden is not just a space for flowers or football goals, if you plan to entertain in the spring and summer sunshine then buy unique and quirky garden furniture and ornaments that will raise the barr in garden design.

large-laying-hare-garden-statue-ornament-10432-p[ekm]200x133[ekm]Hare Garden Statue – The Eater Bunny really does visit!  This artistic statue embraces the spirit of Easter and as a ground hugging statue, blends into the flower bed making it the perfect hiding place for eggs – there is even a little space between his front paws to place a chocolate treat!

vintage-style-wooden-dove-cote-classic-garden-bird-house-10470-p[ekm]200x174[ekm]Wooden Dove Cote – Or as I call it ‘the most amazing Easter egg hiding place I have ever seen!’  Imagine filling this gorgeous bird house with Easter Eggs – for children it simply doesn’t get better than this and after Easter you have an amazing bird house for a focal point in your garden.

pair-of-life-size-standing-grazing-sheep-223-p[ekm]200x116[ekm]Grazing Sheep – Spring is well and truly in the air with these life-size sheep replica garden ornaments.  A brilliant talking point for your guests, fun element for the children and Spring atmosphere for your Easter Egg Hunt.

pair-of-green-painted-wellington-boot-plant-pot-stand-10445-p[ekm]133x200[ekm]Green Welly Planters – Fill your boots – literally!  Whether you fill them with Easter Eggs or strawberry plants these welly planters look good and weather hard – just like real wellies!

realistic-baby-hippo-standing-ornament-9227-p[ekm]200x133[ekm]Baby Hippo at the Waterhole – Hovering over your garden pond this baby hippo is sure to frighten away the fish stealing herons and you will find out if your children will dare to prize the Easter Egg from it’s jaws!

an-unusual-metal-white-butterfly-design-garden-bench-conservatory-bench-8174-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Butterfly Bench – This is simply a beautiful piece of craftsmanship for the garden.  A stunning garden bench which looks gorgeous and provides your Easter Egg hunters with a great place to sit and count up their stash!

large-metal-painted-giraffe-garden-ornament-10496-p[ekm]150x200[ekm]Colourful Giraffe – This colourful giraffe adds colour to your garden all year round and will also provide a great challenge for your Easter Egg Hunt this year – who can reach the Easter Egg filled basket hanging from the giraffe’s mouth?

life-size-extra-large-gorilla-figure-garden-ornament-110cm-10004-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Gorilla Figure – The ultimate garden ornament – this gorilla is so life like the neighbourhood animals will ensure your garden is a no go zone!  A safe pet without the silver-back attitude and a fun pun for the patio.  The kids will love to ride on his back and the Easter Bunny will finally have found a warm hiding place in the arms of this giant.

A garden should be fun – give the Easter Bunny a challenge this year and be rewarded with smiles from all – your little Easter Bunnies will have a ball!  Vintage Vibe have a great selection of garden ornaments and furniture so take a look at their range and get inspired.

New stock – Welcome to the Wow Factor!

WowBy Liz White.

The Wow Factor is not a gimmick – everyone wants that wow factor response from their decor – whether you are decorating your own home or styling your hotel, salon, spa, restaurant, bar, pub, beauty parlour or retail outlet the wow factor is really important – so get it!

There are hundreds of ways to wow your guests but the most punchy and obvious way is to make a change and bring something new into your decor. Vintage Vibe have done all the hard work for you with their varied range of fabulous mirrors and if you think you have seen everything Vintage Vibe has to offer you are wrong!

Every week Vintage Vibe have brand new, affordable luxury items landing in their wear house ready for you to view and with their interior design backgrounds, Lisa, Wendy and Kim only choose the best to inspire you and WOW you!

Here are my top 5 Wowzer mirrors which to me say ‘I mean business’…

1. Shabby Chic White shuttered Window Mirror.  This unique mirror is a real talking point for your guests.  Place these on your interior brick walls and the quirky idea of ‘a window to the world’ is complete. Great for hotels, restaurants or anywhere you want to enhance the room size.

2. Painted Console Mirror.  Completely perfect for a hair or beauty salon.  This mirror is whimsically pretty, gorgeously decorated and if ever there was a mirror that screamed out to reflect beauty, this is it!  Vintage Vibe also have the matching console table to complete the look.

3. Tall, wavy edged Venetian Mirror.  This is a fun and elegant mirror and I would recommend this for any bridal boutique or fashion retailer because the simple design does not detract from your gorgeous gowns or clothes.  It is also a full length mirror to give your customers their best view.

4. Gold Circular Swirl Mirror. This is a Wowzer mirror with a difference.  This has a beautiful, undulating design which I want to stop and study.  It reflects an air of harmony and beauty which I would love to see in any spa or dressing room.

5. Gold Metal Hooped-Frame Mirror.  And now for something a little bit different!  This is simply fantastic – I love this design because it is different to anything I have seen before. Brilliant for the hallway, hotels or beautiful bespoke bathrooms this round mirror has the wow factor in spades.

Vintage Vibe are making it easy for you to get that wow factor in place with a range of stunning new mirrors to enhance your interior design. Take a look at their website and create centre pieces your guests will talk about – what are you waiting for? Go and ‘wow your decor wonderful!’.

Is your Salon décor up to scratch? Salon Statistics – Beautify your Brand!


Antique Style mirror bought by Taylor Taylor from http://www.Vintagevibe.co.uk

By Liz White.

Salons make us look and feel beautiful – so salons need to look and feel beautiful too! A poll carried out by promotionalcodes.org.uk* found women spend 20 hours per year, on average, in the hairdresser’s chair – wow! That is nearly a whole day looking at your salon décor! Is it up to scratch?

The same poll found women spend approximately £600 at the hairdressers per annum, so how can you ensure that potential £600 stays in your salon? There are 28,556 hairdressing and beauty businesses in the UK [IBISworld.co.uk] so you need to have an edge on the competition!

The website of London hairdressers ‘Taylor Taylor’ shares their vision for each of their award winning salons: “Each salon has its own personal signature, created by blending the very best vintage pieces from many architectural eras, into one award-winning whole.  Relaxed yet glamorous, it should feel as though you have found your very own exclusive members’ club”

It’s time to spruce up your salon!  Think Vintage. Iconic. Yours! What are your competitor’s doing and what are the leaders in the market doing? ‘Taylor Taylor’ have recently purchased some gorgeous vintage mirrors including the ‘Cane Mirror’, ‘Berkley Mirror’ and the ‘Shirley Mirror’ (for links to these mirrors see below) – all affordable quality. Bella & Beau, the trendy London children’s hairdressers co-owned by Liberty X’s Jessica Taylor, also liked the vintage look buying a blackened silver table, Louis chairs and a Venetian full length mirror for their salon, (for links to these items see below) so what can you find that will keep your customers coming back for more and entice new customers in?

Paola Hinton, owner of Five Senses Spa and Salon in Illinois (one of the top 200 salons in North America) said on salontoday.com: “Major renovations are great indicators of growth and commitment, and can provide success when done correctly. Larger projects show commitment to the guests, staff and the community” so reinventing the look of your salon shows customers you are investing in them.

If you are not planning a new salon or refurbishment, add new personal touches to your décor with your customers in mind – beautiful lighting or maybe Louis style salon chairs that drip stylishness and comfort for customers.  Start redesigning your salon to wow your clientele all over again.

If you are thinking “Can I afford it?” the answer is “Yes!” customers don’t like parting with their money in exchange for a shabby environment.  Keep everything fresh and remember everyone relates to a business that has a hope, a dream and an idea!

Taylor Taylor Cane Mirror http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk/decorative-large-gold-rectangle-metal–mirror—cane-4124-p.asp

Taylor Taylor Berkley mirror http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk/large-silver-rectangular-ornate-mirror—berkley-301-p.asp

Taylor Taylor Shirley Mirror http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk/extra-large-antique-style-rectangular-ornate-bronzed-silver-crested-mirror—shirley-300-p.asp

Bella & Beau Blackened silver table http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk/blackened-silver-writing-desk-or-dressing-table–stool—billie-due-mid-oct-161-p.asp

Bella & Beau Louis chairs  http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk/six-mixed-colours–fabric-louis-style-salon-reception-chairs-661-p.asp

Bella & Beau Venetian full length mirror http://www.vintagevibe.co.uk/full-length-beveled-glass-framed-leaner-mirror—lottie-9238-p.asp

For more inspiration see www.vintagevibe.co.uk   *Taken from www.hji.co.uk

7 Stylish Mirror Shapes

What’s your favourite mirror shape?


1. Round and Oval Mirrors



A classic round or oval mirror can be used in any room in your home. A timeless mirror shape that will never go out of fashion, oval mirrors are extremely versatile and can be slotted effortlessly into any design. Available in a wide range of styles or sizes, there is sure to be a round or oval mirror that will add some elegance to your home.


2. Fish Eye Convex Mirror


A quirky and cool mirror shape, the fish eye style mirror adds a unique touch to any wall. The convex glass creates a porthole style effect that can be used to jazz up a nautical themed bathroom or as a special wall feature in a hall. These mirrors are a great way of adding some charm to any space.


3. Heart Shaped Mirrors


Heart Shaped Mirror


For that romantic touch you can’t beat a heart shaped mirror. Often used as gifts to celebrate a special moment, such as a couple’s first home or to celebrate an anniversary, the heart shaped mirror is a delicate and beautiful mirror choice for bedrooms, bathrooms and hallways.


4. Rectangular Mirrors


They might be the most common choice of mirror, but rectangular shaped mirrors are popular for a good reason. The simple four sided design fits flush with the straight lines of a room meaning rectangular mirrors are perfect for aligning with existing wall hangings, matching with window designs and doorways. Their design allows for the mirror to be hung both in a horizontal and vertical position, depending on your wall space and the effect you are looking to achieve.


5. Sun Shaped Mirrors




Sun shaped mirrors offer a striking and eye catching way to jazz up a wall, bringing both the practicality of a mirror with the beauty of a piece of art. A truly unique shaped mirror that is available in a variety of styles and designs. Sun shaped mirrors are wonderful in rooms that are full of natural light, watching the light reflect off your mirror is like having your very own rays of sunshine beam from the walls of your home.


6. Unique Shaped Mirrors


Not all mirrors follow a formulaic design; some of the most impressive mirror shapes are uniquely designed for purpose. Our favourites include shield shaped mirrors, perfect for those of a royal persuasion, and portrait shaped mirrors where the frame is often given a delicate floral design to depict that of a prestigious portrait frame.


7. Window Panel Mirror



A mirror design that commonly incorporates an arch shape and will often feature hinged panels to the side. You will find the windowpane shaped mirror often used on dressing tables or as a leaner full length-dressing mirror. The angled shaped mirrors give the impression of an open window and are perfect for rooms with little to no natural light.


All of the above mirror shapes and more can be found in our extensive mirror collection, be sure to check them out and let us know in the comments which mirror shape is your favourite.

Design a Bedroom with the New England Heart Collection

Distressed heart set
This season we have introduced a fantastic new range of vintage styled furniture, the New England Heart Collection.

All items in this range have a white washed finish giving them a chic and vintage look, and piece of furniture in this beautiful collection features a heart shaped detail, usually to the handles.

The design and look of this collection has been inspired by, and is reminiscent of, the interiors and character of beach houses and holiday homes found on the North East coast of the US. The region the collection owes it’s New England name to.

It’s easy to imagine the wood used in the construction of these pieces as having been washed up on shore, reclaimed and finished in this attractive rustic style.

There’s a variety of items in the range that would all look great in any room of a home. But today we’re going to suggest a few pieces that could be used to create a stunning bedroom for a young girl.

Try these pieces to get started on a fantastic new bedroom re-design that makes the most of our versatile new collection:

New England Heart – Small White Dressing Table with Stool

Distressed heart dressing table and stool

Perhaps even more important than a bed in a girls bedroom is a beautiful dressing table, and this elegant design is exactly that.

Small enough to fit comfortably in any size bedroom, complete with a generous size mirror and matching stool. This is a perfect dressing table for starting a new bedroom design and should be the focal point of the room.

Finished with a beautiful heart detailing to the mirror and the handle of the drawer. Make sure this table is placed in an area that receives lots of natural light and watch as it becomes the focal point of a girls bedroom.

New England Heart – White Washed Tall Boy Chest of Drawers

Distressed heart tallboy2

This matching tall boy might be a more practical piece of furniture, but it’s no less beautiful.

Showing off the aged white washed finish of the New England range to it’s maximum, and with a heart drawer handle to each of the six sizable drawers. This tall boy is an ideal pairing to the dressing table and a beautiful way of keeping clothes neatly folded and packed away.

New England Heart – Pair of White Washed Bedside Tables

distressed heart bedside pair

To complete the New England look you’ll need these pretty little bedside tables guarding either side of your lucky girls bed.

Small and sleek legs give these bedside drawers a slender and elegant look, with the drawer still being deep enough to come in useful for keeping her new room tidy.

Paired with the above two items these pieces make the perfect 3 piece furniture range to start a bedroom redesign that resembles a rustic New England beach house.

The great thing about the furniture in this range is its timeless nature. When dressed up and featured in a young girls bedroom it can effortlessly blend with a feminine and playful design. Then over time it will as easily adapt to a more mature theme and re-decoration to reflect the attitude of the rooms occupant.

New Country Classics Collection – Great for All Rooms

We’ve added some great new items to the store recently and wanted to take this opportunity to showcase an exciting new range of furniture, the Country Classics Collection.


We thought the best way to show off some of the delightful pieces in this range was to discuss some ideas on how they can be used in a variety of different rooms to give any space a classic, yet contemporary, country style.


Traditionally the rustic country theme was restricted to the kitchen, occasionally spilling over into a dining area. But now with these new contemporary twists on a country classic, the farmhouse theme can be used to great effect in any room.


Country Classic Coffee Table

Room: Living Room


A vintage style coffee table with a natural wood top and antique white finish base. Coffee tables don’t come much more elegant than this. It’s a classic country style coffee table but the classic design and detailed finishing elevate it above a simple farmhouse tea holder.


This table would fit right at home in any living room, reception area or family room as easily as it would in a cosy cottage in front of a roaring fire.


Where could you put it to use?


Country Classic Bedside Cabinets and Dressing Table

Room: Bedroom


Want to bring some of the country and farmhouse charm into the bedroom? Now you can with our various country classic designed bedside tables available in this new range. From a lovely pair of three drawer bedside tables to a classic five drawer tall boy.


And better still, they all pair fantastically with the charming two drawer dressing / console table that can be used in a bedroom as a desk, dressing area or sideboard.


Country Classic Dresser and Sideboard Combo

Room: Kitchen / Dining Room / Living Room


As we mentioned earlier, traditionally the kitchen would be a room that would benefit most from a country theme, and of course it hasn’t been left out from this collection.


In fact one of the finest pieces in this range is this classic antique white painted dresser and sideboard combination with a natural wooden top.


It provides ample storage for dining wear, crockery and cutlery and is perfect for a country kitchen as well as being suitable for a dining or living room – the natural wooden top being an ideal place for picture frames and ornaments.


If your kitchen has a tiled or slate floor, this sideboard will look just perfect.


Country Classic Large Trunk Coffee Table

Room: Use Your Imagination!


Lastly we include this large trunk coffee table that features a double hinged top for access to the storage in the base and is available in a range of colours from grey, black, and olive to pale mint and antique white.


This useful addition to the range can really be used in any room of the house. It could make a great coffee table for a large living room in need of extra storage solutions. It might also be used in a bedroom to double up as a blanket box. Or it could be an ideal table for a playroom and used to store toys when they’re not in use.


Really it just sums up this new Country Classics range in that when you put your imagination to use you’ll find these pieces can look lovely in just about any room and with any theme.