From £50 to £1 Million – Vintage Vibe’s Success Story

First Voice

First Voice Magazine copy right

By Liz White.

Winning front page coverage, creating headlines and causing a stir in the business world, Vintage Vibe has just been featured as a lead business in the Federation of Small Businesses Magazine ‘First Voice’.

Vintage Vibe’s founders Lisa Williamson and Wendy Thomas are not afraid of hard work and as you will have read from previous blogs, they put customers at the forefront of their business ethos so it isn’t surprising that their business success story gained front page coverage – they are a rare company.

Read the article here!

Being included as one of four successful businesses run by women, the article in ‘First Voice’s’ June/July issue entitled ‘Leading the Way’ outlines how Lisa and Wendy built their business from a £50 investment in 2008 and have never looked back – working hard to ensure they never took out a business loan and have always owned all of their own stock. This year they are heading towards a £1 million turn over.

Lisa and Wendy are very down to earth and every day they find themselves buried deep within their warehouse space ensuring first hand that customer orders are fulfilled.  It is a family run business and Lisa gave these words of wisdom to ‘First Voice’: “My advice to other women is that you have to put in a lot of hours, so you have to really want it – to live it and breathe it.”

A business with heart and soul is the key to success and the team are thrilled to be featured in the magazine.  It’s important to note that when you buy from Vintage Vibe you don’t get the sterile, faceless service so many of us experience from online shopping, Vintage Vibe is different, buying from them means investing in a family business run by business women who are always at the end of the phone for their customers – they are the 21st Century version of the friendly neighbourhood home-ware shop.

If you take the time to read the article and find Lisa and Wendy inspiring then spread the word – there is nothing more refreshing than seeing a business flourish that deserves the success it has gained because they have put the customer first.

Congratulations to the whole small but powerful team at Vintage Vibe!


Lanterns – Light up your Night

By Liz White.

The Summer is tantalizingly close and one of the best things about the lighter evenings and warmer climate is the garden parties that go on into the night.  Are you ready for the bbq’s and garden parties? Is your garden? Let’s give you a hand to ensure your outdoor space is well lit in time for the Summer fun…

Lanterns are the key to success in your garden decor. There is always huge excitement when it comes to lanterns – I don’t know what it is about these fantastic creations but lanterns are to gardens what silver is to a magpies.  Irresistible!

Ensuring there are lanterns of varying sizes and shapes creates an eye catching display on decking or patios and lanterns successfully hung from a garden tree makes your well loved fairy lights look like second rate accessories.

You don’t have to buy hundreds of lanterns and festoon them around the garden like you see in the movies, a few well placed lanterns for the garden and garden table should do the trick!  With this in mind take a browse at some of these lanterns from Vintage Vibe…

stainless-steel-heart-lantern-36cm-tall-candle-holder-826-p[ekm]300x425[ekm]1.  Stainless steel heart lantern – perfect for a table centre piece for a romantic evening or a girls night with wine!

extra-large-polished-stainless-steel-lantern-79cm-tall-candle-holder-1561-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]2. Tall candle holder – great stood next to your red hot pokers, sunflowers or any other plant that reaches for the sky.  Also great in a corner to shine light all around. Stands at 79cm tall.

stainless-steel-lantern-49cm-tall-candle-holder-1563-p[ekm]300x398[ekm]3. Twin this 49cm high stainless steel lantern with the tall candle holder above and you will get a great stepped design effect.

ceramic-lighthouse-candle-holder-free-postage-was-21-now-4264-p4. For contrast try this ceramic lighthouse tea-light lantern on the garden table.  It is a focal point and the lighthouse windows shine in the candle light.

Lanterns are simply perfect for summer evenings and an inexpensive way to make your garden look like a little piece of heaven.  Top tip – try putting citronella candles in the holders to keep the bugs at bay and you have yourself the perfect garden set up to encourage party guests to stay long into the night!

A Very Vintage Easter…

antique-silver-style-sitting-angel-figure-free-postage-3509-p[ekm]280x500[ekm]By Liz White.

With Easter at the end of the week there are just a few precious days of post left to buy your Easter goodies.  Along with the all important chocolate, why not buy something a little creative, different and vintage? A thoughtful gift – something you don’t see in every shop window…

Easter Cupcake Tiered Cake Stand – there is only one way your Easter cup cakes can look even more scrummy than just after you have decorated them and that is when they are displayed beautifully on a tiered stand.  A must have for your Easter table or a fantastic Easter gift.

Gorgeous Silver Angel – The perfect gift for your Goddaughter as Easter is a fitting time to give an angel as a gift.  This antique silver figure is blowing a kiss – a great gift for any loved ones you can not be with this Easter – it shows you are sending them your love along with the angel to watch over them.

antique-style-metal-chocolate-diva-sign-free-delivery-9077-p[ekm]300x410[ekm]Chocolate Diva Sign – For the chocoholic in your life this wall sign is a great Easter gift! This is different, with a little humour and focused on chocolate – you can’t go wrong!

Spring Bird Bookends – Any book worms in your family?  This beautiful little spring gift is just the thing.   These sturdy bookends are a creative gift, full of spring connotation and something a little different from the mainstream.

Small enough to Post (if you don’t mind a little Squeaking) – popping a small but precious gift in the post is priceless and this little mouse door stop is a brilliant idea.  You won’t need to struggle to the post office with large boxes and this is a gorgeous little gift.

Dapper Rabbit Coat Hook – no country house is complete without a little humour in the hallway!  This hand cast resin coat hook is a great Easter present – practical, fun and a very vintage Easter bunny.

large-pair-of-antique-gold-angel-wing-cherub-wing-wall-hanging-10182-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]Antique Gold cherub wings – beautiful, graceful and connected with all the good things in the world, cherubs are about love and peace; the perfect Easter gift to display on the wall with your Easter cards or as part of your Easter table decoration.

Easter presents are not just all chocolate – prove you have what it takes to be a ‘great gifter’ and choose something a little different for your loved ones this Easter and you won’t regret it.  Order online or call Vintage Vibe today on 01622 629029 to ensure your Easter gifts arrive with you in time!

How to create your own ‘Narnia’ inspired ‘Secret Garden’!

large-metal-arched-garden-conservatory-leaner-mirror-5454-p[ekm]300x225[ekm]By Liz White. As the daffodils raise their heads it’s time to embrace the Spring sunshine (thank goodness!) so look to your outdoor space and plan your garden now before those pesky weeds start to surface and the lawn suddenly demands a haircut! Adding a little mystery and intrigue to your garden to create a new look for the summer ahead is easy with garden ornaments and statues from Vintage Vibe.  There are a lot of options out there to spruce up your scrub land and here are some fabulous ideas to enable you to create your very own ‘Secret Garden’ meets ‘Narnia’ look! No matter what size outside area you have there is always room for a little magic – which the kids will love! The first ‘must have’ for a Secret Garden’ is the famous garden gate and the arched garden mirror with iron gate design pictured above, provides the perfect look. Reflecting the garden around you, this artistic leaner mirror can be placed against the vines to simply let the garden take over.  Visitors will see the glimpse of a gate and be intrigued which is exactly as it should be! For £160 plus delivery this is a statement piece that brings your garden to life. large-classical-lion-garden-statue-ornament-10451-p[ekm]300x449[ekm] This handsome stone Lion is just perfect to bring Narnia alive! With his full mane, grand stature and fixed stare your children will be naming this majestic lion ‘Aslan’ as soon as he arrives! At £62 plus delivery he is a great investment. Vintage Vibe also sell these lions in pairs for £120 so if you want to flank your driveway, doorway or pathway with Aslan go ahead! a-pair-of-moon-gazing-hare-garden-statue-ornaments-10436-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]More endearing are these two little spring Hares – raising their eyes to the sky to catch site of the Moon and stars. Fun to hide in the flower beds and light enough to move around the garden to create your own ‘magic’ and fun for the children. ‘Where will the Hare be today?’ (my bet is in the veg patch!) These are just £75 for the pair or £40 for one plus delivery. grey-grisly-bear-plaque-garden-wall-hanging-10447-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]Mounting this Grisly Bear on the garden wall is simply a must!  He will be guardian of your garden.  The life-sized, detailed design is a piece of outdoor art which will be a talking point for your visitors and a piece of wonder for your children. Include this grisly in your garden design and take a walk on the wild side for just £37.50 plus delivery! classic-kneeling-venus-goddess-statue-garden-ornament-10449-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]For those who like a more classic approach to garden statues this kneeling Venus is the fantastic price of £25 plus delivery. Traditionally seen in a lily pond setting, this nod to a neo-classical design creates an element of the Victorian garden in a contemporary way, putting elegance, nature and art in the heart of your garden. Some people forget design continues past your flower beds and bbq area.  Bring mystery to your garden and be inspired to create your own Narnia on your doorstep. Who needs a wardrobe when you can just use your back door! Take a look at the full range Vintage Vibe has to offer so you won’t miss out.

How to give your beauty business a head start

Guest Post by: The Beauty Experts Academy

You’re probably a fan of Vintage Vibe, like us, for their gorgeous furniture and accessories. Who can blame you… they can really bring a room to life!

If you’re one of the many beauty business owners that has purchased some of the beautiful statement pieces from the site for your salon, then you’ll also know how important it is to get the right décor in place; first impressions can make the difference between a potential customer walking in, or straight past your shop front.

Luckily, Vintage Vibe has made those décor purchasing decisions easy. But not all decisions are so easy to make.

Opening a salon or spa is one of the biggest steps you will have taken in your career and we all know how exciting it is to have your own business and build your own clientele. But it’s not easy getting a business off the ground. You’re trying to juggle ten things at once and make them all work; there’s accounting, staff, managing bills, getting new customers on board, keeping one step ahead of the salon down the road – all at the same time as wanting to look after clients.

You can quickly fall out of love with what you’re doing, and it doesn’t feel like fun anymore. On top of that, finding help and support is difficult. Although there are business courses out there, very few are designed with the specific needs of the beauty professional in mind. Which is why we came together to create the Beauty Experts Academy.

We’re three entrepreneurs with backgrounds in running successful salons, business management, branding and marketing, so we all know how overwhelming running a business and juggling all your other commitments can be.

We’re passionate about helping beauty businesses to get focused and avoid that confusion that can come with having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

We run a programme over six half days (one per month) to help beauty business owners grow their businesses through improved salon performance, staff productivity, salon management and client numbers. We’ll teach you how to create your vision for the business, build a powerful brand, plan for growth, implement your marketing plan, establish successful systems for your salon and develop the team around you.

Not only that, we’ve also put a buddy system in place, in which we’ll team you up with another beauty business on the course which we feel will support you best in your unique challenges. You’ll be encouraged to stay in touch, share ideas and keep each other motivated and on track.

So, if you think you’d like to find out a bit more about how we can help your business, we’d love to talk to you. You can either visit, email or call 07525 763944.

Helen, Deborah and Karen

Double the amount of Light and Space in your Room.

tall-regal-gold-ornate-mirror-finchley-8344-p[ekm]300x358[ekm]By Liz White.

Looking for more light and space in your room? You could spend thousands on an extension or putting in sky lights but a quick, easy fix solution is to invest in a really fantastic, large mirror. It’s an old trick of the trade and it really works!  Hotels, boutiques, salons, spas you name it if you hang a large mirror in the reception a clients perception of your space will double in size.

At Vintage Vibe Lisa, Wendy and Kim have a background in interior design and can advise you on the best purchase for your business from their available stock – which is an extensive range that they know inside out!  Not only that, they use a specialist delivery company who ensure the arrival of your large mirror is smooth, giving you the choice of which room it is delivered to and the chance to check over the delivery before you sign for it.

For a few examples of the types of mirrors Vintage Vibe stock take a look at their large ornate mirror which is fantastic for any reception area, their large rectangular mirrors work well in hair salons and their full length cheval mirror is perfect for hotel rooms.

It is a quick way to enhance your surroundings, change the look of your layout and create a spectacular centre piece and talking point.  At the hairdressers, boutiques and hotels it is important to provide customers with large mirrors (no one wants to be dressing in their hotel room for an evening out and relying on the steamed up bathroom mirror!) so see it as an investment in your customers.

Five good reasons to invest in a large mirror:

1. They reflect light and create a lighter, brighter room (handy for rooms such as salon hair washing areas)

2. Buying a large mirror shows you care about the surroundings you provide for your customers.

3. Mirrors help enhance small areas to give the illusion of space (handy for smaller hotel rooms)

4. Practicalities – mirrors are used endlessly and if you took it away it would be missed!

5. Decor – you make an aesthetic statement by buying a large mirror.  It draws peoples attention and people appreciate good design.

If you have a limited budget for decor and design for the New Year use it wisely and invest in a large mirror from Vintage Vibe and if you are quick you can bag a bargain with their large Venetian fan shaped mirror which is in the sale!

Banish January Blues with a New Experience for your Clients!

large-vibrant-velvet-cotton-patchwork-armchair-9529-p[ekm]300x285[ekm]By Liz White.

January Blues? Me too…so how are your clients feeling? It’s that weird time of year when people have spent their money on Christmas and dread the credit card statement.  They hole themselves up at home eating Jaffa Cakes (too much info?) and decide they will not emerge from their grumpiness until February – so how can you entice them out to come to your salon/spa/hotel?

Incentives really work and providing a new experience for your clients will work wonders for your margins.  It is all about how your clients feel so why not offer them something to massage the sole? Re-shuffle the work place and offer clients a beautiful place of zen calm, or a chic boutique to escape to.  Being able to offer clients something new will make you stand out from the rest.  How about the perfect fireside slumber chair to relax in or simply give them a free inexpensive but thoughtful gift.

If you run a hotel this aluminium necklace stand for the ladies and a silver plated cuff link tray for the men is ideal and at these prices pretty much a steal! For salons a free gift a Venetian heart hand held mirror is perfect and if you run a spa then give out silver angel wings to your guests! It is all about that little bit extra and at an average price of £10 you can’t go wrong!

If you want to be remembered for the right reasons really push the boat out to make you clients feel special and banish the January blues in style!

For more inspiration go to P.S If you spend over £200 you receive a free candle holder!