Bring the Outdoors In!

By Liz White.

The gorgeous weather is making us all head into the garden and enjoy some time outside but venturing back inside makes the room seem dark and gloomy in comparison to the great outdoors. To keep that outdoor feeling alive hang some well placed mirrors in the room adjacent to the garden to encourage the sunshine in.

This is a great little trick to brighten up any room – a restaurant, hotel foyer, beauty spa, boutique or even in your own home.  Mirrors reflect the light so on a gorgeous summers day make sure you are getting the most from the weather!

Vintage Vibe have a huge selection of mirrors and I feel their white framed mirrors are perfect for the summer season – see my top five below!

french-style-cream-wall-mirror-2368-p[ekm]300x225[ekm]1. French Style Cream Wall Mirror – the reason why I have given my top spot to this mirror is because it is something a little different.  The mirror is large and because of this the inlay design does not detract from the practicality of the design but adds a different dimension to it.
extra-large-classic-white-rectangular-leaner-wall-mirror-wapping-8532-p[ekm]300x344[ekm]2. The Classic White Leaner Mirror – a large, full length mirror that is amazing for reflecting the light into a room but also so handy to check out your outfit!  If you are a business this is the perfect mirror to encourage your guests to linger longer.

large-metal-antique-white-french-style-bird-cage-mirror-272-p[ekm]300x495[ekm] (1)3. Metal Bird Cage Mirror – this is quirky, enticing and fun.  The perfect mirror for a conservatory, summer house or garden room.

extra-large-white-gloss-circular-round-mirror-blanche-7457-p[ekm]300x383[ekm]4. White Gloss Circular Mirror – mirroring the shape of the sun this is a stand out piece of design. The mirror will be a centre piece of the wall and be admired by all.

large-rectangular-ornate-cream-louis-style-carved-wall-mirror-louise-cream-258-p[ekm]300x321[ekm]5. Rectangular Louis Style Ornate Mirror – I love a little decoration.  This is elaborate without being whimsical and if you have a luxury brand – high end hotel, spa or boutique – adding a little grandeur never hurts!

Vintage Vibe are specialists when it comes to mirror delivery having trusted couriers that deliver the mirror to your room of choice and give you the opportunity to check the product over before signing for it.  Encourage the outside in this summer and enjoy the Great British Summer!


Time for Business #ticktock

By Liz White.

It’s the countdown to summer and with these fabulous clocks for your business you should have no trouble telling when it is pimms o’clock at the end of a long day!

novelty-vintage-style-cream-distressed-teapot-clock-free-postage-9042-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]For tearooms, cafe’s and diners this cheeky little teapot is perfect for your wall.  This really does tell you it is teatime!

retro-black-time-zones-wall-clock-with-multi-dials-blair-728-p[ekm]300x301[ekm]In the office ensure you have the ultimate time zone clock which not only looks stylish and smart but delivers timings for London, Paris, New York and Sydney.  A highly practical piece. Perfect for international companies or those with international clients.

large-square-gold-distressed-metal-skeleton-wall-clock-herbert-9055-p[ekm]300x305[ekm]In your hotel lobby make a statement with the time with this large square design – time to check in, time to check out, time for that cab to arrive!  Hopefully this would also put an end to that pesky question all receptionists are asked: ‘erm…excuse me…what time is it?’

large-polished-aluminium-mantle-clock-free-postage-4359-p[ekm]300x374[ekm]This traditional mantle clock is perfect for corporate gifts, gastro pubs with a roaring fire or in a reading room. There was a time when no house was without such a clock and that is because this classic timepiece simply never goes out of fashion.

large-black-metal-industrial-style-mantle-clock-with-calendar-9271-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]For something a little less traditional but just as practical, this black metal industrial style mantle clock is for you.  Great for a home office or any bachelor pad this clock is also a calender – the full package!

So many workers rely on their mobile phones, iPads and computers to check the time but having a visual reminder around the office helps people organise their day and you will ensure you never have that age old excuse from your staff when you ask them why they were on their mobile phone “I was just checking the time”. Yes…and I’m a blue monkey!

Dozens of iconic designs are just waiting for you to snap them up at Vintage Vibe and unlike many products we do truly encourage you to leave these on the shelf – that is after all where many of them look their best.  They are vintage, affordable and yours!

Mirrors – Making ‘Practical’ Beautiful

By Liz White.

Want a mirror that is different? A statement? An eye catching design? A focal point? To wow your guests, draw people into your business or have a fabulous focal point for your home mirrors are so flexible. Here are 5 designs from Vintage Vibe I think tick all the boxes.

glorious-large-gold-circular-swirl-metal-mirror-goodwood-8304-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]This is lavish, ornate, artistic and bling! A few of my favourite things…  Perfect for a hallway, bedroom or even a rather exquisite ‘powder room’.

circular-vintage-style-gold-antique-metal-framed-round-wall-mirror-siria-264-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]This is a show stopper of a mirror.  Place this in the reception of your hotel or in the dining room and listen to the compliments flood in.  This is a large mirror and demands attention – so give it what it needs and pop it in your shopping basket!

wide-venetian-antique-style-frameless-mirror-vintage-design-with-crest-landscape-clarisa-341-p[ekm]300x311[ekm]This frame less mirror is elegant and contemporary.  People will look twice at this design and it will sit superbly over a mantle, chaise lounge or over a reception desk.  This is understated design making practicality beautiful.

large-plain-venetian-glass-mirror-with-bronze-mirrored-frame-charlie-9460-p[ekm]300x322[ekm]A classic mirror style.  The stepped, beveled edge is a clever design because not only does it create a large frame to grab the attention, the design actually draws the eye into the mirror.  The term ‘eye catching’ is perfect for this mirror.

ornate-carved-antique-silver-large-square-wall-mirror-joanna-back-in-stock-mid-june-2316-p[ekm]300x448[ekm]This mirror is out to impress.  It is decadent in design and as this is a large mirror, it will dominate the room – a stand out piece perfect for over a fireplace or for creating a talking point in your salon, spa, hotel, boutique or beauty parlour.

Mirror’s reflect light, entice people into a space and are missed if they are absent.  If you are looking for a mirror then make sure you make a statement with what you buy.  If you are not looking to buy a mirror why not?  It is an inexpensive way to boost your custom on a subconscious level.

Lighting to Love – Spotlight on Spotlights!

By Liz White.

Do you love your lighting?  Why not!?!  Lighting is an important design feature in any room so why not make it contemporary with a vintage twist? Invest in lighting that will do the job and create a talking point in your design.  Buy something that will become a piece of furniture you cherish rather than simply ‘update’.

A great example of ‘lighting to love’ is the humble spotlight.  Always needed in bedrooms, hotel lobby’s, libraries and reception desks, spotlights don’t need to be drab.

chrome-angle-adjustable-classic-desk-style-floor-or-table-lamp-due-end-may-8640-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]Who can resist a lamp that looks like the cute Disney Pixar playful lamp logo? Practical and retro, this design never goes out of fashion.

These are due back in to Vintage Vibe at the end of May so why not put your order in now to avoid disappointment?

extra-large-baby-blue-angle-adjustable-classic-floor-lamp-8645-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]If you love the look of the desk lamp above but need something on a larger scale then look no further – Vintage Vibe have these as large floor lamps too.  Available in the colours of baby blue (as pictured) white, copper, orange and lime green!


Add some excitement into your design with this gorgeous light that looks as if it is straight from a movie set.  It creates a lot of light in a targeted area.  If you have to have a desk lamp on display you may as well make it look the business!

For the same spotlight look from a ceiling light, this burnished orange light shade is the best option.  Fantastic for a rustic feel.  This looks at home in a country kitchen, shabby chic dining room or industrial bachelor pad.  You can also buy this in black too.

Lighting should not be dull! Switch on to the Vintage Vibe and buy investment lighting that makes a statement.  For a relatively low cost you can change the look of a room dramatically and all it takes is a little imagination!

Have yourself a little light bulb moment with Vintage Vibe’s selection…take a sneaky peak at their collection and find what you are looking for!

Iconic Black is Back!

By Liz White.

Black never goes out of fashion but there are some things that have never really been associated with the colour black and mirrors are one of those things!  A current hot trend has seen the spotlight of mirror design turning to the dark side – black mirrors are all the rage.

There are a huge range of black mirrors in contemporary, vintage, Gothic, designer and classic styles on the Vintage Vibe website.

The look is extremely versatile and black mirrors look just as great in a smart office setting as they do in a boutique clothes stores or funky nightclub. Here are my top five:

large-black-clear-venetian-rectangular-deco-wall-mirror-langton-4742-p[ekm]300x393[ekm]A black and clear Venetian Deco wall mirror has the 1930’s design twinned with a contemporary look.  Just the mirror for a monochrome design theme and if you want a sophisticated look to your hallway then look no further.

extra-large-silver-black-leaner-mirror-with-angel-cherub-crest-lucian-10396-p[ekm]300x420[ekm]This large silver and black leaner mirror is perfect for boutiques.  It is decadent, luxurious and a fantastic centre piece in a room.  This gives the practicality of a full length mirror but the width of an over mantle mirror and ensures you get maximum refection of the surroundings.  A clever mirror to have in a bridal boutique as bridesmaids and the bride can line up next to each other to see the full effect of their dresses and in a hotel lobby this would be perfect to reflect any feature staircase.

large-black-free-standing-full-length-dress-mirror-or-antique-style-cheval-mirror-maurice-6934-p[ekm]200x200[ekm]Just as every woman needs an amazing LBD, every woman also needs an amazing FLM (full length mirror).  A full length, free standing mirror is a beauty essential.  This mirror is designed in an antique style but without the overly fussy design details. It is not too heavy so you can move it around with ease – making this a great mirror for bridal boutique changing rooms.

large-antique-black-oval-rococo-mirror-rhea-8330-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]This Rococo design is lavish, decorative and fits in anywhere you want to impress.  From boutique hotel bathrooms through to neat beauty salons.  The design is a piece of art in itself and would be the perfect decorative piece in a neutrally designed room.  This mirror stands out, catches the eye and says ‘you know you want to use me!’ to any one who passes by!

large-antique-style-black-rectangular-leaner-floor-standing-full-length-mirror-amelia-black-8194-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]A classic wall/leaner mirror, this full length design is a must have piece of furniture for any hotel. Ensuring a full length mirror gives your guests the whole picture is one way of ensuring they feel comfortable.   Some full length mirrors (inside wardrobes for example) only reflect from the knees up – frustrating and pointless.  This ensures your guests have the reflection they need to dress up for their night on the town and reflects from top to toe – just as a full length mirror should do!

Vintage Vibe have a large selection to choose from so take a look – the black mirror really is essential vintage.  It’s iconic and could be yours…

Make your Boutique Unique!

boutique photo 2By Liz White.

Buying online can be difficult because you can’t touch the reality of your design ideas – so take a look at the stunning VIP Fashion Boutique interior, based in Bluewater, to see how Vintage Vibe’s products have enhanced the look of the store.

boutique photo

If you are finding it hard to see how one of Vintage Vibe’s chandeliers will look in reality
then here’s proof that you can have a glamorous boutique by adding new lighting to enhance the feel and atmosphere of your space.

This chandelier provides the opulence any clothes boutique needs – as well as a soft light reflecting the sparkling decor and allowing the customers to browse in glorious grandeur.

Adding the little extras for your customers comfort is always a worthwhile expense and at VIP Fashion Boutique Vintage Vibe’s fantastic little chaise lounge fitted the spot perfectly – it shows there is always a way to Boutique photo 3make any space work for your customers – no matter what size of the space you have to work with.

Seeing the tangible products of internet shopping is always a plus so next time you are at Bluewater pop into VIP Fashion Boutique and see Vintage Vibe’s products.  Even better, get the best of both worlds and visit Vintage Vibe’s warehouse in Tonbridge, Kent to see all the products for yourself and take advantage of their click and collect service.

When designing your own boutique don’t leave the decor to chance.  Lisa, Kim and Wendy from Vintage Vibe are from an interior design background and will be happy to recommend products to suit your space and help you create a boutique that is truly unique.

Create a ‘Light Bulb Moment’ for your Business

large-chrome-globe-skeleton-sphere-chandelier-10127-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]By Liz White

Hotels, salons, retailers, beauticians, bridal boutiques, restaurants or any other businesses that welcome clients through their doors are always on the look out for an edge on the competition and Vintage Vibe could literally ensure you have a ‘light bulb moment’ of inspiration for all your clients.

Creating first impressions that shine out from the rest is easy with the right atmosphere and intrinsic to a successful first impression is choosing the right lighting for your room.

Changing the lighting has an amazing effect and here is why:

1. If you want to be contemporary without redecorating this is an inexpensive way to be bang on trend without getting out the paint brush.

2. Ensuring the light levels and fittings are correct for a room ensures you create the most positive atmosphere – for example many people would feel cheated if they went to a ball room and there were no chandeliers or visited a hair salon with dark mood lighting.  It’s all in the detail…

3. Light fittings age a room.  If you walked into a pub and saw twin armed, shade topped wall lights you would instantly know you were not entering a contemporary gastro pub!  Like it or not lighting is linked to fashion and businesses should be reflecting the times they live in if they want to attract new custom.

You don’t have to buy into the fashion of the moment or change all of your lights to create an impact.  Try buying a statement lighting centre piece – something like this gorgeous, large, copper cluster ball chandelier light creates impact without grandeur or fuss.

For more practical lighting or for creating a spotlight area in your space an Arc floor Lamp is ideal.  This is great for shops who want to highlight their ‘product of the week’ and restaurants that are keen to make their menu board clearly visible.  For reception desks and till points why not buy the Tripod Spotlight Lamp? Your clients will take in the changes in a positive way – you will be making your business atmosphere aspiration and contemporary.

When business is competitive it’s the details that make your footfall rise so get your ‘light bulb moment’ up and running this week!

For more impressive lighting ideas visit the Vintage Vibe website.