Candlelit Weddings…

The is nothing like a candle lit room or terrace to create a romantic atmosphere and picture perfect setting. Candlelight is perfect for weddings and whether you are planing to decorate a church, chapel, reception room or outdoor space candle light creates the best ambiance.

Vintage Vibe has some gorgeous candle holders and lanterns that would work well to decorate any setting or their heart themed candle holders make the perfect gift for bridesmaids.

Tall lanterns for a patio or outside area create low level lighting to guide the wedding party to their destination or clustered together they create a brilliant light well to make sure evening guests can mingle in the garden long into the night.

Here are my top three candle holders from Vintage Vibe that can help to set your wedding apart from the crowd…

large-heart-leaf-metal-sconce-candle-holder-189-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]Large Heart Leafed metal sconce candle holder – Imagine this on the wall behind the bride and groom at the top table and you will see why this decorative candle holder is so desirable.

stainless-steel-heart-lantern-36cm-tall-candle-holder-826-p[ekm]300x425[ekm]Stainless steel Heart Lantern – the perfect present for bridesmaids, mothers or even for your wife to be.  This is a classic design and they would look beautiful lining the top table or on garden tables to brighten up the evening.

extra-large-polished-copper-square-lantern-79cm-candle-holder-5011-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]Polished copper square lanterns – I love these lanterns because they look stunning with a highly polished finish.  They also come in four different sizes which means you can create a stepped effect by placing them together.  Height sizes are 79cm, 69cm, 59cm and 49cm.

Once you have used these for your wedding day keep them and home! They are practical, beautiful items and will give you you a permanent reminder of your special day.


A ‘Must Have’ for Wedding Planners

As a wedding planner you know that it isn’t necessarily the big things like wedding cars, cakes and venues that cause the biggest headaches to organise, its the little things – the details that have to be so precise to give your weddings that edge of professionalism and personalisation which will ensure your brides and grooms highly recommend you.

large-ornate-bronzed-silver-display-easel-wedding-event-display-easel-1527-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]For a small outlay it is worth investing in some wedding accessories that you can use again and again and offer to the bride and groom as part of their wedding package – or hire out as you see fit, especially as some wedding venues do not have these to hand!

These little extras help to make the day go smoothly – for example a small silver tray to present the wedding rings on, a vanity mirror to give to the matron-of-honour to ensure the bride always has a mirror at hand, a candelabra for the top table, a gorgeous white wedding letter box for the happy couples cards and gifts and a steady supply of easels!  In fact, easels are my ‘must have’ items for versatility and practicality on the day.

pair-of-antique-cream-of-white-metal-cherub-easels-10509-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]Easels are simply great for display purposes.  Choose a large ornate beautiful easel to display your seating plan (or alternatively a distressed gold painted easel depending on the look of the wedding) or choose twin cherub easels to display the seating plan and menu flanking the doors to the wedding breakfast.

six-small-antique-white-metal-table-top-easels-wedding-display-easels-8917-p[ekm]300x300[ekm]There are also some amazing small easels for table tops to display the menu, name of the table or love quote – whatever the occasion demands! At Vintage Vibe these are sold in packs of 6 and investing in these will ensure you don’t have to rely on anyone else to provide them which make such a difference to the ‘worry factor’ in wedding planning.

By investing in the little things, like easels, you don’t have to rely on venues to provide them and you know the quality and condition of the products in advance.  You can show the bride and groom before the big day to enable them to visualize the little details of their wedding. They will know they are in safe hands with a planner that is so meticulous, so think about making a small investment to help secure more business and take a look at Vintage Vibe’s  wedding products that could be yours to offer brides and grooms (and venues!) for years to come.

Don’t Get Married (without one of these…)

large-ornate-gold-display-easel-wedding-plan-easel-1528-p[ekm]300x449[ekm]By Liz White

Planning a wedding? It’s a minefield! So many things to think about. Don’t make the mistake of planning your day without thinking of how to convey essential information to your guests.  Overlooking an effective way of displaying the important information – such as the seating plan and venue map – means you are likely to end up with wedding guests getting lost or confused before the drinking begins!

Display easels are the perfect solution! My favourite is the large gold ornate easel and with matching table top gold ornate easels available to display your menus on, you can be design co-ordinated!

The seating plan is the one piece of information you need to convey to everyone within a short space of time and it needs to be highly visible and easily accessible.  As the wedding breakfast draws nearer, there is only one thing everyone is thinking ‘where am I sitting and who am I with?’ That is where Vintage Vibe’s amazing display easels become a necessity for your big day not just a nice little extra.

Display easels are essential because…

– They are eye catching, allowing you to display communication with your guests efficiently and reduce the number of questions the best man is bombarded with!

– Having a focal point displaying the seating plan makes sure your wedding guests will find their seats for the wedding breakfast quickly, allowing the wedding to keep to timing.

– Easels look beautiful, professional and add an air of sophistication to a room – delivering essential information in an elegant way.

– They are portable, fold flat and easy to move so transporting them will be smooth.

– They are versatile.  After being used to display the table plan the easel can be used as part of the speeches if photos are being displayed, to display directions (for example ‘Bar this way’), to show a venue map or for displaying the comments book to ensure this is not a forgotten part of the evening.

– Cute little table top easels are available and are a fabulous way to display the wedding breakfast menu and provide continuity in your delivery of information plus they look gorgeous.  The good news is that Vintage Vibe sell these table top easels in packs of six at a better price then buying them individually – saving you vital pennies on your wedding budget!

With prices from £16, easels are great little investments which usually hold their value – so you can sell them on after the big day!

To browse through all the display easels Vintage Vibe have in stock click here and if you want to chat it over with the Vintage Vibe team don’t hesitate – give them a call on Tel: 01622 629029 they love to help.  Make Vintage Vibe part of your wedding and you won’t regret it.

Five ideas to bring fun to Christmas Day

large-white-distressed-standing-stag-ornament-9942-p[ekm]300x291[ekm]By Liz White.

The countdown to Christmas continues! What have you planned for fun on Christmas day? A board game? DVD? That’s all a bit old hat.  Here are some lighthearted ideas to inject some laughter into your Christmas day…

1. Pin the tail on the…Stag (or reindeer if you prefer!) It’s a Christmas version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey’.  Great game for the children – or for the adults after a few tipples!

2. On arrival make a winter cocktail for your guests.  Shake it up using a silver plated cocktail set and it is sure to be entertaining as your guests watch the ice fly!

3. Instead of relying on cracker jokes for amusement ask each guest to come prepared with two funny stories – one true and one false and see if anyone can bluff their way to winning a fun flying pig ornament – better than the usual cracker present!

4. Have a gorgeous crown as the centre piece to your Christmas table and crown your ‘Queen of the Christmas Lunch’ – an impromptu speech may even be better than the real Queen’s speech!

5. Decorate your home with signs to make your family laugh!

Bring out your fun side this Christmas! For more inspiration visit Vintage Vibe.

Cash and Carry Event and Networking morning with Vintage Vibe

Vintagevibe LTD Cordially invites you to join us for Breakfast, Networking and Shopping!

Do you run or are you starting a salon, boutique or hotel in Kent? Would you like to meet other like minded local businesses and shop for the latest salon furnishings and get the look of the exclusive London salons?

Join us for a morning of shopping and breakfast, meet other local businesses and get exclusive sneak peek of our latest interior products as well as make huge savings with our cash and carry special prices! Plus your chance to win a fantastic prize!


8:30am Arrive – tea coffee / croissants – Continental Breakfast
8:45 – Speaker & Competition Reveal
9:00 – VintageVibe – Talk
9:05 – Network and browse products and special offers
9:15 – Competition draw
10:00 am – Depart
Please bring a cardigan or jumper it can get a bit chily in our lock up space.